ic markets disables (blocks) bitcoin trading

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Few days ago as I was trying to buy Bitcoin on IC Markets I got a message, 'trading for this currency pair is currently disabled'
I contacted support team and this is the reply they gave me:

As per our Risk Management Department decision and due to extreme volatility within the Bitcoin Market your exposure the BTCUSD trading has been restricted.

It is a decision from our risk management team, to prevent over exposure on client accounts. We do apologize for any inconvenience caused and liquidity should resume as soon as possible.

So they want to prevent me from over-exposure, but they decided to do that only after I started to make money.
Also, I had no problems trading during 'extreme volatility' when BC was correcting from 11800 to 9000 few days ago, but now that its trending they disabled it!!!

Has anyone else had this problem?
Yeah, I got the same response. They must have taken a bit of a hit when everyone started to make money. I wonder if other providers disabled it as well?
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