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IC Markets is a true scammer

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by NanaR, Nov 28, 2014.

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    Aug 7, 2017
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    Also, ICM knows the gray point very well in which they had done an excellent job in covering their arses. I, myself, were having issues withdrawing profits from them and have decided to fully pull out from IC Markets contemporarily.

    Case 1: Back in 2017, I had a withdrawal of GBP 2500, and all I know was (It might take 3 - 5 business days for it to reach my bank account). Guess what? It took longer than 2 weeks!!!! I got incredibly annoyed and frustrated as I am in need of the money so I stood up and argued with the representatives in IC Markets. They handled it to their accounts department and proceeded to gave me an ARN. ARN, IMO, is useless as it's for credit cards not debit and they know for a known fact that I am withdrawing out from my debit, not credit. So, I questioned their ARN with knowledge so to speak. They were afraid and handed out another receipt (Withdrawal receipt that shows "Refunded"), and I told them that is all I need to verify the withdrawal process. The following day, I received my funds.

    Case 2: March 2018, I withdraw a large sum of over 13000 in GBP. Guess what? The same thing happened again. I brought up the case and they repeatedly gave me ARN. I got pissed off and tell them this "If I were not to bring up the case to you, my withdrawal will FOREVER be long lost in the sea and not processed then? Is this how a broker should operate and honor its client withdrawal? This time the case got even more severe that they had their senior accounts to talked over. Finally, I asked for a receipt. The same receipt showed "Refunded". At this point, I realize that they are not wiring the funds to you and instead, they are "REFUNDING". Back to the point in this thread, I got extremely conscious on who I am dealing with right now. Immediately, I pulled out the entire funds from my trading account in ICM and had decided to look for another broker. **** you ICM. I hope more people/clients got out of this shithole. They are pricks destroying AUS's reputation.

    Withdrawal Notes For Beginners: It usually takes 3 - 5 business days for it to reach your account. If it takes longer than that, ARGUE WITH THEM IMMEDIATELY. Because, at times like this, they are most likely HOLDING IT and not RELEASING IT. I have faced it multiple times and they are literally fooling me around with the fake ARN codes that is useless. Unless you are withdrawing via CREDIT CARDS. My local bank regional manager told me one valuable advice and it is this;

    Advice from Bank Expert: Usually the bank will clear all international and local funds within a day. So to speak, funds will be received and processed immediately once approved. If we did not receive any funds, the transfer, of course, will not be reflected in your bank balance. Please, consult your broker in regards to the transfer made.
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