Ichimoku 4H Kijun-Sen Cross Strategy. KISS - Keep It Super Simple ! :D

Hey all,

I've decided to share a very, very simple strategy. It really doesn't get as basic as this.
If you wish to follow this strategy then do so at your own risk. There are no promises of great wealth and the holy grail of trading strategies.
This is mainly for educational purposes or for new traders who want to check out some simple systems.
But if you ever feel the urge to tip me some crypto for my work then just PM :D

The cloud and Kijun line from the Ichimoku indicator, Fractals and the Williams %R set on 10. The charts used are the top 30 Forex pairs, BTCUSD & ETHUSD.
I prefer to keep the Ichimoku Cloud on the chart as it is can sometimes predict the continuation of a trend. If the 4H cloud is red then be bearish, if green be bullish.
The main chart will be the 4 hour but the daily signal may sometimes be used to trade. The daily, weekly & monthly charts will be used for directional reference.
As the 4 hour chart is the main trading ground this frees up a lot of time during the day. The charts only need to be looked at when the 4H candle closes (6 x daily).
It may be possible to use this system in stocks or even crypto but Forex, AU/AG will keep things simple. Stick to BTCUSD or ETHUSD if talking crypto please.

TIP*** If you are mainly a crypto trader then perhaps the Wyckoff channel breakout trading system in combination with The Little Old Lady strategy may interest you.

1: A 'possible' signal occurs when a candle crosses the Kijun line (Base Line) on the 4 hour chart. It's important to wait for the 4H candle to close.
2: Following the signal it is important to refer to the daily & weekly charts to gauge the direction using the Williams %R, bullish/bearish engulfing or hammer candles.
i.e. When a 4H 'buy' signal appears, it's best to see the daily Williams%R low and the weekly Williams %R quite low and/or moving higher. Stay in trend.
3: Stop Losses are to be placed under the previous low for long positions or placed above the previous high for short positions.
4: When a trade moves 30 - 100% into positive territory the move Stop Loss to 5 pips into profit, trade is protected then. Ignoring the trade for 12 - 16 hours is often beneficial.
5: Trail Stop Loss into positive territory when a new fractal appears. This will allow winners to run. If you prefer to set take profit targets then feel free to use your system.
6: Close the trade if the price reverses and breaks the Kijun line. This will protect from losses from reversals but sometimes also cuts winning trades short.
7: Every 4 hour chart needs just one alert, 'price crossing 4h kijun line' and applied to candle close. The alerts will ring exactly on every 4th hour rather than randomly.
8: Never have more than 4% of your account exposed to possible loss at any one time. When the stop loss of a position is moved above break even it is not exposed.
9: Never risk more than 2% of your account on one trade. 1% exposure is enough per trade as the target will be typically 2:1 or 3:1 Risk/Reward.
10: Do not open a EURUSD and EURJPY with 2% exposed risk each as you are effectively risking 4% on the Euro. i.e. EURUSD and AUDJPY are less related.

I think that just about covers the details of the system and basic money management.
Keep an eye on the calendar for major news events and tighten stops ahead. Trading news events is not a part of this system. Casinos trade black or red...
If you are ever intending to trade news then trade the fade afterwards. Fibonacci extensions are a great tool to find where price may stop. Be sure the news pushed the price against the major trend, those events are the most profitable when trading the fade.

I will be posting the most interesting signals in a screenshot when they occur.
I will also open a $50,000 FTMO, non-aggressive, two week demo account and post the results.

I am currently looking for a way to become a funded trader.
Economically things have not been good to many of us so I don't particularly want to spend a lot on registration or monthly fees.
If you know of any brokers that are looking to fund traders then send me a P.M.
I'll happily take a trail on a demo for as long as the broker wishes.
Thanks a lot.
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Here are some interesting pairs I'll be watching over the weeks ahead.
The time frames are quite high however it's just the general direction I'm focusing on.


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Four positions opened tonight. We will see if it's possible to protect them over the next 24 hours.

1% equity risked per trade giving 4% exposure currently.

Screenshot from 2020-09-21 00-00-20.png
Regarding the above Qty figures.
Those figures are from TradingView and are not the same as the FTMO trail account.
The FTMO trial account is being run on MT4 on a mobile device and I cannot take screenshots from it.
Each trade on the FTMO is 0.5 lot each. So ignore the Qty numbers above.
These are just mirrored trades on TradingView.
Quick update:
Three of the four trades are now about 25 - 35 pips into profit.
As I will not have time to monitor those positive trades all day so I will simply move the stop losses into profit.
If I get knocked out then so be it. Nothing I can do but taking a small win instead of a big loss is always best.

After protecting these trades I placed another sell trade on AUDCAD: Entry = 96065, StopLoss = 96750.

I'll give the charts a few hours now and see where things are going.
All looking great so far. My FTMO trial account is $420.00 in the green since last night.
All trades are 0.5 lots, $5.00 per pip on average.

Screenshot from 2020-09-21 12-34-11.png
For those of you who are Bitcoin traders.

Bitcoin broke the Kijun line yesterday and then retested it before making a move lower.

I might look into this on the way back up.

Screenshot from 2020-09-21 12-49-30.png
Currently all five trades are protected and running positive.
Only 4% of the account was ever exposed and I've stuck to 1% equity allocated per trade. (0.5 lot)
I guess 4% is quite aggressive really. Sticking to 2% exposure on a real money account might be wise.
The FTMO target to reach is $2,500 profit over a two week period.
After 15 hours my trades are running at $1,358.00 in profit combined.
The markets have been good to me today. I think they have a little more to run.
I am trailing the stop loss behind the previous 4h candle.

Screenshot from 2020-09-21 15-43-06.png
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Closed out today's 5 trades with 100% success rate and $1,235.24 profit.

Opened a new trade on NZDCAD, a sell from 0.88669 with the stop at 0.89500.
This trade might climb a bit higher but 0.89500 should be safe.

Waiting for a GBPNZD buy signal as it think it may have a nice, but temporary, rise from here.
AUDUSD is looking like a turn and I'll be selling every 4H pullback.
GBPNZD is testing the Kijun on the 4H chart. I expect a rise above it soon for a relief rally.
NZDCAD Might also see a pullback to the Kijun on the 4H.

Screenshot from 2020-09-21 22-09-00.png
Screenshot from 2020-09-21 22-06-33.png
Screenshot from 2020-09-21 22-04-33.png