Ichimoku 4H Kijun-Sen Cross Strategy. KISS - Keep It Super Simple ! :D

It's been a very uneventful day for my two open positions.
NZDCAD made a slight move lower and was enough to protect it.
GBPNZD has been very stagnant today but no losing trades so that's good.

Two trades added this evening at the daily candle close, AUDCAD and NZDUSD.
These were entered on the daily chart so I will continue to use the daily and wait for an exit signal.
These daily trades may take quite some time to finish but as long as I can protect them I can look for more.

I use a lot size of 0.35 on Daily chart trades as the stops are wider than the 4H typically is.
Daily charts have bigger targets.
Also I can easily see what type of trade they are by simply looking at the lot size; 0.5L = 4H, 0.35L = Daily.

Screenshot from 2020-09-22 22-24-42.png
Screenshot from 2020-09-22 22-23-08.png
Quick update.
All trades are running in the green today.
I closed out the GBPNZD just now for $258.00 profit.
Stop losses have been tightened up on the NZDUSD and the NZDCAD.
These stop losses are sitting above the 15m chart Kijun line as I expect a pullback in price soon.
Another good day today. $615.00 running right now and $258.00 taken off the board.
AUDCAD looks like it could break the Daily cloud and we might even see a waterfall event if we're lucky.
$500.00 more and I will have passed the two week FTMO challenge. Let's see if it can be done in a week :)

Screenshot from 2020-09-23 14-27-09.png

Pay no attention to the profit number in the screenshot above. These are just mirrored trades on TradingView.
The real account (FTMO trial) has much stricter money management.
This is a screenshot of the 4 hour Bitcoin/USD chart extending back to mid July.

The orange and green lines show where the Daily Williams%R was either high or low.
After Orange lines = look for bearish signals on the 4 hour chart.
After Green lines = look for bullish signals on the 4 hour chart.

There were 10 trade signals over a 64 day period which averages out to a trade signal ever 6.4 days.
Some of these signals were small winners and some were big winners, but none were losers.

This system is very simple and has very interesting results. The main ideas are to be able to see the bigger trend on the daily, weekly and monthly and then trust the signal on the 4 hour chart. Keep your stop loss at a safe distance and if you think your trade is going to go against you then take the 1:1 RR or the 0.5:1 RR.
There will be another FOREX trade right around the corner. If you focus on BTCUSD only then exit on the Kijun cross. But sometimes you need to know to get out before price returns to your entry point and just wait for the next signal.

Screenshot from 2020-09-23 19-47-29.png
All trades closed out for today. Looks like the NZD pairs are going to retrace now.
Today was quite profitable and took in a total of $983.27. Account now stands at $52,218.51
Opened just one trade tonight and that's the AUDNZD. Lot size is the standard 0.5 L.
It looks to be in a downtrend and it may continue now.
This is a continuation trade and these are more risky than the typical daily turn trade.
Stop loss is placed about 100 pips north of the entry. I'll be happy with 100 - 200 pips by Friday.
When selling I prefer price to cut through a rising and then flattening Kijun line.
A long grinding uptrend followed by a drop in price down through the Kijun gives the best results.(BTCUSD 4H)
AUDNZD is a bit on the choppy side for the past four day but a break lower should be on the cards.

Screenshot from 2020-09-23 22-47-33.png
Bitcoin has just broken the Kijun line on the 4 hour chart however the current candle has not closed.
Looking at the chart there may be some caution advised on this Kijun break.

Bitcoin has a tendency to repeat patterns and there is one marked on the chart in the rectangle.
The circle is pointing out where we might be right now in comparison.
Might be a good idea to give this 4 hour candle a chance to close before deciding what to do.
Bitcoin just may see the $10,000 area one more time.

Screenshot from 2020-09-24 17-22-09.png
Quick update.

My account metrix seems to not be updating on my FTMO profile. Only seven of the nine trades appeared.
I have been advised to stop trading for the next few days while they resolve it.
I was hoping to have some fancy graphs and stats from that website. I'll just have to let FTMO do their thing.
The trades appear on the MT4 platform without a problem, just not on the website.

My current running pairs are AUDNZD, CADJPY and GBPJPY.
AUDNZD is running positive at about 50 pips right now.
It might have been a better idea to have waited for the bounce on the CADJPY and the GBPJPY.
Those pairs are experiencing a pullback after a strong fall, a dead cat bounce.
Hopefully they won't bounce to new lows.
If I have to rely on hope after the execution of a trade it's a sure sign I didn't put enough thought into it ! :rolleyes:

Enjoy the weekend everyone. I might trade again on Monday or Tuesday.
If anyone wants me to do another 2 week trial on FTMO (starting on 4th October) then let me know.
I'm not quite sure if anyone pays attention to these strategy journals. Maybe I'm just talking to myself :confused:

This is the email:
Screenshot from 2020-09-25 11-34-28.png
NZDCAD did eventually pullback this evening and took out my protective stop loss giving me $166.58 profit.

Altogether there were 10 trades opened and all closed positive giving a total of $2383.50

On a $50,000 account this equals a 4.767% return for the first week and risking 1% equity per trade.

No more than 4% of the account was ever exposed to loss at any one time. Exposure time was minimal.

I should be able to provide better charts next week when the FTMO servers are updated.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Hey all,
So as of right now I have passed the two week FTMO challenge to make 5% on a $50,000 account.
My GBPJPY trade has finally taken off and is now running at $460.00 in profit. Current equity is $52,800.
I could close everything right now after one week of trading and claim my free, funded FTMO account.
Open trades right now are GBPJPY (protected), CADJPY (-$80.00) and I added AUDJPY just now. (+$40.00)
CADJPY is lagging behind but I think it'll make a move soon enough.
I'll be following the 30m - 1H Kijun for my protective stops as these trades run.
2% currently exposed to loss. 1% equity waiting for another trade signal.

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