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Hello i hope we can end this nonsense of this broker, I have solid evidence these guys are a scam funnily they risked this while being regulated and have gone to the extend to delete my trade log which is beyond illegal in this business but being in this business for 7 years we all know about ASIC but luckily I have made connections in this business who have helped me reach the right people. One can lie only so much and were caught due to the fact they sent statements and I have proof of the original log luckily which was also modified. Angus walker the head dealer making all these replies is a cheat and has been caught also in action if you thoroughly read my emails back and forth even a 2 year old will be like idiot. All the people that have been cheated in the past please block all connections immediately if they have already changed your log your unlucky but still go to a local library, a friends computer, university or college, and here small tips if you have traded with a mobile device there may be a way but immediately print your account statements or save the ones they have sent to your inbox. Login to this broker anonymously and website and download your logs in fact every trader with IC markets download your log history. especially the institutional clients if they even have any, as well as the biggest client to the smallest client. I will explain why personally after this thread becomes large hopefully we can make all their clients aware lets see what they will do now. Basically all of you will be compensated a large amount. This July 3rd NFP I just wanted to be compensated for 8000$ a small amount i could have asked for a lot more I have been with these guys for 2 or 3 years never cared to actually analyze and understand what they get out of not paying me out this amount as they have paid me out 2 decent amounts now all of sudden NO and I told them you want a war well you got it. My sell average being around 30 lots if all trades are executed would have been close to 40 pips thats a minimum of 12,000. I was polite with Angus and expected sure no problem but realized well he doesn't give a damn. Many of their clients were on live chat 44 at the time of NFP i visited, I will share all details with proof now as never before I have been off-quoted 22 times in a row from this broker NEVER EVER receiving a off quote in my life or a re-quote till date and I have traded large volume with them and he kept making excuses, humiliating me after all their support staff promised compensation. I have chat history of this from the same employee who seemed honest well tried to say next time we don't cheat clients and Now I have had enough and no one can stand up to his honestly speaking arrogant nature of dealing with clients that have been cheated well simply speaking because the proof is modified as any experienced trader who has been cheated knows. Here is the first proof of evidence easiest one he is caught including the most obvious one he just lied blatantly on FPA to everyone saying to the people who do not have a vps basically meaning are not near New York servers they claim where their servers are ok not arguing this due to a server crash weren't able to execute trades. Now luckily I am traveling to USA and Canada on business and am in the Windsor/Michigan border not that far from New York. CAUGHT! I will show the logs showing my ip address log in as well as the email correspondence before they change all my log history I have officially made complaints to almost every regulatory body as well as their disputes resolution team and if there is someone trust worthy here I will give them access to the email's sent from my inbox even the head of this FPA moderator already has some of the correspondence and I am on their main review site on FPA publicly requested to please contact FPA. These server crashes happens repeatedly, OK you are new in the industry fine you can fix this within 1-2 years after getting the right arrangements NO one should require a vps; after 7 years of business still the same thing something is odd now and he has the audacity to say hey we are coming up with servers world wide in the same post about the vps nonsense. What the heck? It took this guy 7 years to come up this braniac idea.

More Surprisingly to the clients that are on the right and wrong side are both looses hence no one can book profit and also suffer loss. Now small losses they will compensate but i saw a post of someone not compensated 500 ok that's just sad.... big losses well he said to me on the phone many things one I will share here I have never compensated anyone 8000$ so well you guys all that have been cheated have to Google this thread hopefully you read this god willing good luck to you.

Now my simple questions are as follows why doesn't server crash happen during other volatile announcements such as FOMC, or the Australian Governor speech which happened that day which was even more volatile than the NFP as I was short AUD/USD from the start of the recent correction the highest price, and funnily why does the price they know giving you 500-1 to leverage as any aggressive trader or well after being in the industry for long realizes how to use it to your advantage and we all know the broker even wants you to; hence opens positions since these guys only make movements in milliseconds are so quick they stop you out since smartly set they have set it at 80%, ok fine cant argue the stop-out percent; but why other honest sites that you have had tick history such as the biggest brokers not naming any until the time is asked they never even reached their prices now I am talking about real ECN brokers as these guys claim to be the biggest in the world, these are just one of many of their tricks. I can prove all this! Just waited for the right time to catch them. The company erased my trade log from my MT4 log history for July 3rd in my computer folder showing no trade proof i have screen shots of this which i will post shortly as well as surprisingly have been caught doing this simply because they are real nitwits to send proof of an account statement which shows me trading on this day; since no one will believe me posting mine so I will post that email or forward it or whatever a senior FPA membor advice's me to do now as it contains their company email from one of their employees showing me trading on this day. This is just the start of the craziness which I am going to expose one by one. A lot of clients can gain compensation from this good luck to all.
Its in course preparation folder so this is my first time here hope we can get this escalated to the public immediately. I have exposed many details publicly because I have had enough lets see if the truth wins for all who got cheated. AMEN!
I am begging all traders who are doing business with them immediately save all logs close all trades, its new MT4 go to the top left file, data folder, and logs. Save all as well as your current whole account statement and shut down access or block them with a firewall, do not make the mistake of uninstalling the software warning! They are MM not ECN i will show how as time comes its not worth giving them business I can only explain when the time is right i don't want to reveal all reasons and investigations I have done. I have been awake for a majority of the 7 days in a row now sleeping a max of 1-2 hours. Just a small tip if you log in to the MT4 platform after you download all the logs and statement history it will automatically update in your computer folder as they will change all logs on their end and you wont be able to catch them as they are very aware of me going after them. I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. Also download Norton 360 as they will try to hack your computer if they do you can find the source IP because when you try to make a complaint to their dealer Angus walker especially if you have a large account size or any account size he will find a way to change everything to his side this time they are caught. There is no reason for me to make any of this up I have sufficient evidence I am waiting for FPA to escalate this matter and post the case that's in the preparation folder. Not only do I want to be compensated and refunded all deposits but everyone who has an account with them also will be if we have traded enough with them and invested a good chunk I will show you how to recover even if your making money now I will show you how to get more. Please stop immediately I hope you get to this thread before they do. Good luck to all.
ICMarkets is my trusted broker and what you are posting here is very disturbing indeed.

Since ICMarkets is regulated by ASIC, you should be taking up your case with ASIC and then post here with what you have done and on ASIC responses to your allegations.

Year since: 2007
Headquarters: Sydney, Australia
Company registration: International Capital Markets Pty Ltd., Australia
Regulation: ASIC (license # 335692)

I hope to see/read more, and some proofs, of what you posting here to gauge the extend of your accusations.
Sir if you view what they have done in the case preparation folder please if you have access I think you will immediately warn all what do I gain by accusing them after trading with them for 2 years I have timings, screenshots, trade logs... I have sent email's to many regulatory bodies the Fos dipuste resoultion team in Australia I am myself bewildered at their act. The worst part is read what Angus walker wrote publicly on your website, if he deletes it or gets the chance to doesn't matter I have attached a copy of that nonsense about people having vps could have traded during the news release during july 3rd well simply speaking look at the ip from where I was logging in during the news release not far at all from NYC servers, also he claims their back up servers would have started exactly 1 minute and where they claim they are located how can they deny my executions??? I have worse news sir which I can only reveal as this is exposed in full.

Here is a small sample:
08:44:41.501 '300008': request in process
08:44:41.501 '300008': order #4904591 sell 0.01 AUDUSD closing at 0.00000 failed [Off quotes]
08:45:20.952 '300008': order sell market 1.00 AUDUSD sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000
08:45:39.171 '300008': request was accepted by server
08:45:39.171 '300008': request in process
08:45:39.171 '300008': order sell 1.00 AUDUSD opening at 0.00000 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000 failed [Off quotes]
08:46:29.783 '300008': order sell market 1.00 AUDUSD sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000
08:46:30.145 '300008': request was accepted by server
08:46:30.145 '300008': request in process
08:46:30.145 '300008': order was opened : #4907427 sell 1.00 AUDUSD at 0.93449 sl: 0.00000 tp: 0.00000

Whomever of your senior staff has access to the case preparation area can view the whole log and i have provided a small sample I was waiting for someone who trades with them and has senior FPA status hope you can review the whole log and compare it to the statement emailed by their staff as well as look at the screen shot of the log folder I have logged in as early as of the 9th. the changed the log number date to the 4th yet why would I email it having the same number on the 6th to them as well as show you this they froze me for exactly the whole of non farm and a minute and he has the audacity to say our back up servers kicked in after non farm? DOESNT THE BIGGEST BROKERS TECHNICAL TEAM HAVE SUPPORT DURING, BEFORE, AFTER such huge volume releases to immediately fix platform errors ...It just gets worse sir... you will shocked at what extent they go to....
hopeless to go to asic when acn's are not the right ones... showing not properly regulated

here is their Forex Trading | The leading True ECN forex broker in Australia here is as of now what they have shown the public the ACN 123 289 109 I have a screen shot if they try change it. Here is what their disputes resolution team Search for members :: Financial Ombudsman Service has on their website this is a very special team not ASIC focusing on FSP providers in Australia, Search for members

FOS currently has more than 16,000 members. Our members include banks, credit unions, building societies, credit providers, general and life insurance companies and brokers, superannuation providers, fund managers, mortgage and finance brokers, financial planners, stockbrokers, investment managers, friendly societies, time share operators and authorised representatives.

Our members fall into two categories – Licensees and Authorised Credit Representatives (ACRs). Licensees are financial services providers that hold an Australian financial services licence or a credit licence from ASIC. ACRs are businesses that represent a licensee.
International Capital Markets Pty Ltd

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How can you go to the ASIC if they are lying to everyone about their ACN... now i have more worse news waiting for this thread to get started...well first q' what do you do when angus says go to FOS, or their disputes or finally the asic will any of them support you??????? lets see i have some personal contact as of now this is huge accusations i realize but this is not fair when you hit a brick wall what can you really do? luckily they are caught in many ways which i can help every trader even if they find a way out of this.


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Hi Anand,

Before I begin you should know that you only have the ability to seek compensation if you lodge an official complaint with IC Markets. To date I have requested you do this four times, however, you have not done so.

IC Markets has acknowledged to yourself and other effected clients that we did experience a technical issue during the NFP/ECB announcement on July 3rd. A technology provider who we use for aggregation and order matching, ‘Integral’, experienced a load issue which caused orders to reject. When this occurred the pricing from Integral remained online as did the MT4 server. because of this we have full transparency of prices and clients actions throughout the announcement.

As a gesture of good faith we have been honoring clients stop loss and take profit orders. This has been done on a case by case basis and the majority of clients who have sought compensation have already been dealt with and reimbursed.

We have not honored entry orders whether they are winners or losers. It is important to understand that forex brokers have the ability to reject a trade, to refuse to deal, to not quote a price and so on. Whilst this is completely against the IC Markets business model and the image we’ve spent so long building, it is actually a necessity in order to remain a ‘True ECN’ broker.


In a nutshell, IC Markets doesn’t like risk. We sleep well at night knowing that the position that we hold with our prime broker matches exactly what our clients have in our trading platforms. I.e. if IC Markets clients are net long EURUSD 10M then we will also be net long 10M EURUSD with our prime broker. This means IC Markets doesn’t have risk and this is the way we like it!

Every trade executed in MT4 is first executed in the underlying market with one of our liquidity providers (LPs). IC Markets cannot and will not execute a trade in MT4 (or cTrader) unless it has been confirmed by an LP first. If we execute a trade in MT4 that hasn’t been executed by an LP then we have risk (which we don’t like).

In the case of the NFP/ECB announcement on the 3rd, trades weren’t able to be executed with the LPs so they rejected in MT4 and clients trying to trade likely saw the ‘off quotes’ message in their terminals.

So, if we can’t execute a trade with our LPs (for whatever reason) then we do not execute trades in MT4.

Clients with open trades during such circumstances have ‘risk’. These clients are our priority as we appreciate that risk is bad so we want to help them… we can close positions over the phone and will also seek to compensate them after the fact once all the dust has settled..

Anand, since you were trying to execute new trades we are not providing compensation. As above, we will not execute your trades in MT4 if we can’t execute them in the underlying market first. To do otherwise would go against our business model and effectively make us a market maker. Our stance with this is consistent with forex brokers, prime brokers, liquidity providers and technology vendors globally.

Kind regards,

Angus Walker | Head of Trading Desk | IC Markets
I look forward to seeing ASIC reply to your complaints & accusations.

Honestly, more than 4 years trading the forex market and having gone through more than 10 different brokers (including briefly with that horrible Instaforex) I have more or less settled down with ICMarkets as my prime and trusted broker for the last 8-9 months and, angain honestly, they have given me little cause for concerns for the safety of my small (below AUD100k) trading account. In fact, I would even say I am quite happy with their trading platform and support.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect broker out there and ALL of them will & do have some problems or other...i.e trading platform freezing, delayed trades, arbitrage situation, etc, etc......there simply are too many Forex traders out there and someone will find something wrong with their broker even if that broker is considered the best in the entire forex world.
We Traders just have to patiently pick through the host of brokers out there and settle on the one that we are confident and comfortable with.

Anywhere, I am sure you have merits in what you say and I look with great interest in your case.
rahman luckily you have an icmarkets account. and you are anonymous, they don't know who you are just this weekend or whenever you get time download all your trade logs and statements and send me a private pm if the moderator permits post some in the in my preparation case folder rather than here I will show you few things I hope you have traded during a high volume day or a relevantly decent market not a dead market, and opened a trade higher than 500,000 in one position or upto many total and cumulative upto 10,000,000 to go to the extent of catching them I will show you what they have done to most of the traders to hide their traces.