icmcapital.co.uk is scam broker they never pay their clients money and if a marketing agent make big commission they block or terminate account and eat all commission i work as a marketing agent at icmcapital my account no is 343100 refer many clients to icm laste monday on 6 march i made a withdrawal request of 6007$ from my account they terminate my account and never pay me

From: ICM Capital <clientservices@icmcapital.co.uk>
Date: 8 March 2017 at 22:43
Subject: Termination of account
To: sairaqutab91@gmail.com

Dear Ms Sahira Qutab,

Following a standard review of your accounts and rebates, a few red flags were found which prompted a more thorough investigation of your account activity. Our investigation has found that you are in violation of ICM Capital Ltd Terms & Conditions and Marketing Agent Agreement Conditions, please see below some of the clauses related to your violation & termination.

Based on the information we received and reviewed, you have gained access to and traded on a client’s account.

You were given and proceeded to pass on client log-in information, and did not duly pass this information on to ICM Capital.

It has been found that you knowingly took control of another client’s account activities which is in direct breach of ICM Capital Ltd Terms & Conditions. Furthermore, It is a clear conflict of interest to receive rebates on a client’s account which you control; this type of activity is in direct Breach of our rules and therefore allrebates have been forfeited by yourself in line with our agreement.

Due to these violations, we have no option but to come to the decision to terminate your account effective immediately.


4.7 Your username, password and account number are extremely sensitive pieces of information. Any Transactions made on your account either over the telephone, an OTP or a DTP using either your username, account number or your password will be deemed as valid Transactions. You must not disclose your username, account number or password to any person (save disclosure of your account number to an Authorised Third Party pursuant to Clause 15). You must immediately inform ICM Capital Ltd if you are aware or suspect that a third party has had access to your username, account number or password or that any person other than you (or your Authorised Third Party) is transacting on your account.

15.1 ICM Capital Ltd recognises that in some circumstances it may be necessary or desirable for you to authorise someone to manage your account. You do so at your own risk and both you and the person you wish to authorise to operate your account will be required to execute and deliver to ICM Capital Ltd a letter in the form of a signed Power of Attorney document authorising and appointing such person (an "Authorised Third Party") to operate your accout.

Marketing Agent Agreement

6.2 Either party may terminate this agreement by notice in writing with immediate effect if the other party is in material breach of any of the terms of this agreement and such breach, where it is remediable, remains unremedied fourteen days after receipt of notice from the terminating party that the other party is in breach or if liquidation, bankruptcy or similar proceedings relating to insolvency are filed or initiated by or against the other party.


The Marketing Agent agrees to comply with all FCA or local compliance rules, including, but not limited to, solicitation and sales practices, trading performance statements, risk disclosure, communications with the public, and the use of promotional materials, and shall pass such promotional literature to ICMC for approval should ICMC be mentioned in any such material. Furthermore the Marketing Agent warrants that it will not breach applicable data protection regulations in the performance of the marketing and promotional functions.

If you have any further queries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

here they tell icm never responsible if a client share their credentials also marketing agent is not responsible if a client share his credentials with someone
also i search client on facebook i post my link in diffrent groups i dont know every client personally.
SECOND they tell us in aggrement that if we termniate marketing agent account no we never pay commission after taking decession of termination but before termination we pay all amount that was made before termination
please avoid to work with this broker i send emails and give all proves but now they did not reply me


i send them email with all proves but they never reply me until now


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My account is 101338.

A few days later, I decided to open an account and made a Webmoney deposit of $ 61.00. And I've been trying to withdraw for a few days now and I can not. I do not see the option of withdrawal via Webmoney. I have tried all the options that appear and my withdrawal is always rejected. this is absurd. The company does not prove to be serious. For it gives me no explanation as to why withdrawal is being rejected. I want my money. I demand this. I look forward to a position of you with urgently.