Yes, this is right name for that feeling: "ugly knot in your stomach". But being helpless hurts more. So I'm posting my case to warn the people who are considering IKON ROYAL for their broker. I'm with this broker about 1 month and there is nothing to like about them, begining with spread which is waidening during normal trading conditions from 3-4 to 10-15. I'm not talking about news time or special market condition. Having acc by this broker you never know what will affect your trade and what spread will close your position. Here is my case wich occured last wednesday afternoon. At 4:55 (around) I entered sell stop position within 14 pips from actual price, with 15 pips stop (10 pips stop and included their spread which at that time was 4) and 20 pips TP. My position was open, market went in my position direction almost 100 pips without any retracement, but on my platform I couldn't see any price except 00, like order is not taken. Of course I knew that something is wrong so I clicked cancel buton a few times and they kept "requote" and error all the time. Suddenly TP window got GREEN and my position closed with -28 pips!!!??? Still have that window GREEN not RED. My sell order was at 0.7798, they opened it at 0.7742 (56 pips below) and closed at 0.7770 which never existed.I called dealing desk and after investigation I got first call where they explained to me that I shouldn't have enter position around news time and that is something that I have to understand. Period. I was very upset teling them that I'll post this everywhere and got another call where person who was calling me explained that I changed my TP and that change affected my position. ??? Again how you can sell, got closed position there where supose to be open, having green TP and -28 without any price retracement??
So guys this is my case with IKON ROYAL and this should be warning for you: DON'T TROW YOUR MONEY, NEVER OPEN ACC.WITH THIS DESK DEALING BROKER!!!