Identifying what FX banks do and profiting from it

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i am re-posting this here from the Basic Info thread so that this info might be more visible to more people. can't remember if sive already talked about this, but he does mention stop grabbers a lot. this is a more detailed explanation as why stop grabbing occurs and why FX banks do it and how it creates opportunity for us. i guess the 2 guys behind that site probably have more details on this but probably you would need to buy a subscription. haven't, so not sure. anyway, enjoy:

[h=2]How to recognize trend inception via bank manipulation of the market[/h]
Trading Forex Trend Reversals - End Of Day Forex System


There are different ways to have an edge in the market, stop grabbing being one of them a few can take advantage of. I would not exactly call it bank manipulation, rather opportunity taking.
Hey Pharaoh,

Well said lol. I think people get uptight about "market manipulation". Really that is just one way of saying that liquidity is being searched out. IMO there is nothing unethical with smart money pushing the price into and then turning the market from areas of liquidity....after all their job is to make the market. As traders, this gives us a huge advantage. In fast on September 22nd...long before the current equity drop we called the top exactly in equities with a stop run/manipulation/search for liquidity...or whatever you want to call it. I made a video on it as well.

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The market is full of surprises, and here you can always find something that will surprise you and that will allow you to adapt even better in the market. This is why it is important not to stop studying the market, because it is constantly changing and requires new ways of analysis and trading.


Every day new information - that's what allows us to reach new heights and move only forward.