Identifying what FX banks do and profiting from it


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i am re-posting this here from the Basic Info thread so that this info might be more visible to more people. can't remember if sive already talked about this, but he does mention stop grabbers a lot. this is a more detailed explanation as why stop grabbing occurs and why FX banks do it and how it creates opportunity for us. i guess the 2 guys behind that site probably have more details on this but probably you would need to buy a subscription. haven't, so not sure. anyway, enjoy:

[h=2]How to recognize trend inception via bank manipulation of the market[/h]
Trading Forex Trend Reversals - End Of Day Forex System
I think it is impossible to track decisions of big players but there are some subtle signals, footprints which may give you a clue what they do. It is especially visible after news releases so I pay attention to market moving events like NFP.