The price was moving well, I decided to just let it bring in the profit. I moved the stops by 300 points each in the direction of the price movement. I had to choose between closing the deal and fixating the profit, with further opening an order in the same direction, or to push the stops. I chose the second option.


Yes, probably all the same you did the right thing, just follow the action after breaking the TP price, it would be opening a similar transaction closed. In this case - you have saved on the spreads


That's right, take profit can be pushed back to the direction of increased profit and SL to decreasing losses, and it's not recommended to do the opposite thing. So if you're getting losses and pushing back the SL, hoping that the price will go in your direction - that's not correct.


The order has been closed with a positive result, the profit in the account. It was closed because a side trend started happening, I saw no point in holding it any longer. I dedicded to fix the price. I put out the delayed orders and will wait for one of them to work. I believe the trend will continue.


Sergeant Major
Where is IFCMarkets.com Representative?
Last seen on Jul 2015,almost 2 years ago.I have live account with them so far so good.


Broker IFC Markets interferes in the process of filing the quotations for a trader. This means that the broker can manage your quotes and manipulate them. When you open a deal, it does not go directly to the stock exchange, it is not clear at all whether your deals are on the stock exchange. With a high probability, the broker is a scam.


Scam Broker with high level of scammers

I will tell my story with them in last few days,

I opened MT4 account with IFCMarkets with fixed spread and with 400 leverages, I made deposit 310$

I was going to trade with OIL, WTI and Brent,

First thing I faced, in the demo account the spread is 6 pips, and I surprised when I open real account I found the spread for OIL is 12 pips, I inquired about that, they told me it was mistake from them that the spread was changed in real accounts but they didn't do same in demo accounts :)

Second thing I faced, in the trading hours sheet, I saw the OIL market will close with them on Friday at 24:00 in my time, and I surprised that the market closed at 23:00, I inquired about that, the live chat couldn't give me any answer, they told me their office will answer me on next monday, and I got email from them saying the OIL market should close at 23:00, but they didn't give me answer why it mentioned in their trading hours sheet the OIL market will close at 24:00

NOW The Big Story

Last Friday, I tried to open trade 1.75 lot in Brent, and when I click on icon to open the trade, I surprised that it gave me only 1 lot and it skip the 0.75 of the lot, I inquired about that but no body give me any answer, they said they don't know why that happened, and I need to check with their office which will open on next Monday at 7am.

The 1 lot of Brent need 89.1$ of margin because I have 400 leverage in Oil, and 120$ for 12 pips spread, which mean I have free margin 99$

I really felt bad about that, the company never say anything correct and they are scam broker, then I decided to withdraw from them, I had free margin 99$, I made withdraw the 94$, it cut from my account, and operation was pending and in process.

After few hours I got email from them saying that, the withdraw rejected, because I don't have enough margin, and the amount will return back to my account !!!!

When I entered to my account I surprised again I saw that I have free margin only 10.45$ ???? where is the 99$ ???

I checked why of that !!!!!


The company changed my leverage from 400 to 200 without informing me, and because of that change, the 1 lot margin need 178.2$ , with the 120$ for spread, which mean, the only free margin I have is 10.45.

I tried 10s times to contact via live chat support, they refused to help me, they said they can't do anything and I need to talk with office on Monday 7am.

The Game is Disclose

Now the market open and my account wiped !!!!

Be carful from the broker IFCMARKETS