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Have not used or bought his sytem, but he seems to be avery good motivational speaker based on the videos that I have seen-very good at getting particpants to applaud!

His website talks about his course been the only one to be certified by a university in the United Kingdom. When you scroll down and look at the certificate it is from some university in Ireland. A little bit of history will tell you that Ireland gained independence from the UK in 1921. Ask yourself the question-what university will what to give a "bachelor degree in trading credit". I have not investigated the actual worth or credibility of the "degree", but you can draw your own conclusions.

Platoon Scout

Re: Kishore Daily Trading Alerts

Has anyone got any of Kishore M Instant FX Profit Alerts.Are they working good for you? How long have you been using them?
We hesitate to buy his course because he only emails the Alerts when other professionals both SMS and email the timely alerts.
With all his knockers how come all the various banks,TV programs purportedly use his services or interview him for opinions.?
If it was a one off interview then fair enough.But on his website he has many videos of him being interviewed .
I mean you dont get interviewed unless the TV guys check your bona fides first.
I would really like to hear more about him as he appears to be genuine. Platoon Scout