I have been scamed by IFX4U (ifx4u.com), please never consider to do any business with them.

All was ok until I asked them for a total refund at the end of March 2016. After that, they delayed the withdrawal and after some weeks stop responding my emails.

Last week (begining in Jun 21st 2016) my accounts begun executing a lot of trades which I did neither execute nor authorized anyone else to do that.

I did change the passwords to avoid that and write to the support team and to my executive (Danny Mendez) to stop and fix the problem. However this situation continued until Friday June 24th when the account finally got empty (a little bit negative actually).

I could not close the open trades they were doing. The specification of instruments said I have full access. However the server gave me the trade is disabled message

They did not respond to me any of my email messages. The last email from them was on May 16th.
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Copy the link to this thread. Email it to all the addresses you can find for them. Ask them to please come here and explain why your "account manager" traded your account into the ground.

How and when did you deposit?