Tony Mattar

I have been cheated out of a good sum of hard earned CASH over $25,000.00 with iHforex.com After a great trading session over 2 weeks trading, I requested the money as a payout and have waited over 8 weeks now without seeing a single dollar! BECAREFUL INVESTING HERE!!
>>>> I do have evidence to prove my case <<<<​
I have been cheated out of a good sum of hard earned CASH over $25,000.00 with iHforex.com After a great trading session over 2 weeks trading, I requested the money as a payout and have waited over 8 weeks now without seeing a single dollar! BECAREFUL INVESTING HERE!!
>>>> I do have evidence to prove my case <<<<​

Hi Tony,

They have a certificat of corporation issued by the Republic of Sheychelles but they are not regulated by any national regulatory institution. I had the same problem with IntelFx (non-regulated Forex broker). I never got my money back. I made complaints here and there but because they are not regulated the authorities of New Zealand can't do nothing about it. I guess it's the same with the Republic of Sheychelles. These countries issue corporation number for fees. They don't even care wether a company is located there or not.

If you file a case, FPA will do their best to help you.
ForexPeaceArmy is working!

Thank you all for your help. The message is getting out and I just received am email from the account manager claimimg I should remove the claim, they are red in the face and they should be.

"I will not remove the post"

IHforex is at fault and justice is on my side,
thank you again ForexPeaceArmy!!

The email iHforex sent me (by the account Manager MURAD):

-------------------start of the email---------------------------------
Hi Toney

I just received this mail from one of my best friends from Canada.

I am sending this mail to you as remainder that you have no business and had no with Ihforex, and you never had an Account with us.

So please do your self a favor and remove the incorrect comment that you add on forexpeacearmy wall.

If you have a Yasser you may contact him in order to solve this issue , and we again asked you to remove the incorrect comment other wise we will ask our

Legal department to have a process against you.

Hi Mr. Yahya,

As per our earlier telephone discussion, please refer to the under mentioned link about the company being accused of scamming.


If you wish, I shall personally contact this client in order to resolve this issue as well as have IH Forex's name removed from this list !



According to your first post, you were cheated. The email you posted indicates that you think that your friend was cheated. What's the real story?
Update regarding iHforex SCAM Alert.

My case against iHforex including Mr. Murad (the account manager with iHforex) and Mr. Yasser Abou-Elkhair (IB for iHforex and the client a.k.a the account holder, hereinafter known as “ Y.A.E”) is a deal that started in May 2011. I was hired by Y.A.E under the supervision and management of Murad to trade a LIVE account at iHforex ACCT No. 10280 [100K on deposit plus 400K in credit]; whereby the compensation rate (of any profits) would be split 50:50 between myself and Y.A.E. After a successful round of trading was completed (roughly 2 weeks in duration) I produced a return totaling 51% on the account and net profit share in my favor of $25426.00USD. Upon the close of all open trades I requested the funds be withdrawn both by Murad and by Y.A.E. and they both agreed to and confirmed that the profits would be withdrawn from the account ASAP and sent to me, before further trading continued. Days…became weeks and a round of phone calls and emails produced no funds in my favor for the trading I did. >>>>This is what brings me to ForexPeaceArmy<<<< and this is my brief on the events that took place.
A Reminder: An official LPOA was signed by Y.A.E. and statements of the trades have been recorded. Maybe I should attach my phone records and billing on top of the pie!
From all the back & forth between Murad and Y.A.E it is hard not to conclude they are working together and trying to cover up this mess the best they know how. By stalling! I warn anyone to think twice before opening accounts with iHforex especially via Y.A.E and Murad. Your money and/or service is at risk!!
So you think that YAE was working with IH to withhold money owed to you, right?

Something else is very strange about this. Brokers offer various degrees of leverage. I've NEVER heard of a broker offering a credit other than a deposit bonus. $400,000 credit on a $100,000 deposit makes no sense at all.

It also doesn't make sense that YAE would try to cheat you. Sure, $25k is a lot of money for him to grab, but that was just for 2 weeks. Unless there was something about your trading style that didn't suit him, why wouldn't he just pay you and let you make more money for him?

Was the LPOA filed with the broker in advance? Can you post it here?
iHforex SCAM update

Master Sergeant:
I do believe these to individuals are working together especially when facts about the account holder are kept a secret (after the fact) and demands for funds to be released are withheld. I also was surprised about the $400,000 credit offered on the account on a $100,000 deposit which is another sign to me that these two individuals have the same agenda >>Fraud<< They explained to me that it was a tactic they would use to attract clients via the view-only side on the MT4 platform. Murad provided me with 100:1 leverage on the entire 500K balance and since he is the account manager on the account I began the trading without any hesitation or concern. The only instructions I was given was not to trade below the 100K water-mark (equity side of the balance). As for YAE taking the $25K+ profit owed to me and not paying me off, I’m at a loss for words. STRANGE! I make these guys money both in Realized Profits and on the spread side and then “Good Bye Charlie” I’m thinking compliance might be questioning their activity or something??? Just an assumption.



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:mad: Hello. I am from Moscow. I want to tell you my story about this company. I started work with this company about 6 months ago as a IB partner and i also trade myself. As a result, the commission IB partner are taken out to me about 4 months, sent some fake SWIFT ... In the end i decided to take all money and profit from my accounts! but i only get my money without profit. Profit and commission IB I can not withdraw yet! i asked Ihforex why I did not get ... they have one answer, "money was sent, the problems of the bank"...

I do not advise anyone to trade in that company, and moreover to be their IB partner.

IHforex - Scammers!