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Au mois de juin 2012, j'ai déposé 2000€ chez IH forex. Aujourd'hui j'ai 4110€ + 500€ de bonus.
J'ai fais une demande de retrait de 4610€.
Voilà bientôt une semaine et rien n'est changé sur mon compte de Trad.
Pas de nouvelles non plus de IH
Je tiens a apporter mon témoignage si cette situation évolue.


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Hello JMT,
Please provide an exact link to your broker, and some correspondence between you and your broker so we can investigate the facts.
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Anthony Inhrassia, CTA
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Здравствуйте! В июне 2012 я открыл счёт у брокера Investment House International ltd - iHForex.com. Пополнил деньгами на 200$ сейчас там $865.Отправлял запрос на вывод денег в кабинете трейдера, но так и не получил подтверждения на электронную почту.Вот,что писали когда я подавал заявку на вывод средств:
You have sucessfully requested a withdrawal.
You will shortly receive an containing an answer to your request.
Пожалуйста, обратите внимание: your withdrawal request id is 1238.

You have now completed your IHForex withdrawal request process, please return to your account.

То, что они мошенники понял уже через месяц торговли - они "затирали" котировки и меняли их на другие, "вырезали" куски графиков, а потом вставляли другие. Менеджеры компании молчат, техподдержка сначала давала адреса электронной почты куда можно написать, теперь выходят из чата так и не ответив на вопросы. У меня есть доказательства: сохранённые скрины "неправильных" графиков и копии отправленных писем в финансовый отдел - legaldepartament@ihforex.com, техподдержку - support@ihforex.com, dealing@ihforex.com , вице-президенту по продажам ihforex зовут Ранин raninb@ihforex.com и директору ihforex - daud@ihforex.com. Прошло 2 недели, но я не получил ответ.
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So you think that YAE was working with IH to withhold money owed to you, right?

Something else is very strange about this. Brokers offer various degrees of leverage. I've NEVER heard of a broker offering a credit other than a deposit bonus. $400,000 credit on a $100,000 deposit makes no sense at all.

It also doesn't make sense that YAE would try to cheat you. Sure, $25k is a lot of money for him to grab, but that was just for 2 weeks. Unless there was something about your trading style that didn't suit him, why wouldn't he just pay you and let you make more money for him?

Was the LPOA filed with the broker in advance? Can you post it here?
I arrived at this thread by coincidence and it caught my attention. It is a known scam in forex. It is a tripple scam between the company & the IB & the account manager. Ususally the IB rceives 500,000 usd from the client in cash, maybe client does not want to send money in his name. IB sends 100,000 to the company and company applies 400,000 bonus (non-sense bonus - makes no sense.). Then the trader loses everything. If he makes money, they do not pay him, as we saw here. When he loses everything, the company fixes the negative balance, removes the credit of 400,000, and pockets the 100,000. The Ib pocketed 400,000 cash.


That would work if the client doesn't personally open the account in his/her own name and make the deposit.

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IHForex are not operating anymore, they have opened new brand under the same company which is located at Herzliya City, Israel.
I will try to get the new brand name