IHForex - UFXbank : Same team ?


Person with questionable motives
I have traded before with iHForex and i know them to be a good company so i wanted to see what is forex peace army is all about soi have done some reading about Forex Peace Army and this is what i have found :

Dmitri Chavkerov (also known as Felix Homogratis) is the owner of forexbastartds.com, now transformed into forexpeacearmy.com. The above sites were created to terorize online businesses providing forex consulting services. The way he does that is by publishing false bad statements and testimonials about many web sites, than Dmitri Chavkerov writes to the web site owner from independant email presenting himself as someone who can resolve the matter, than he asks for money to cover some "expenses and negotiating efforts", which could be from few hundred to several thousands.

How I know the above? I and few friends of mine have written many comments for web sites listed in forexpeacearmy.com, and only several bad ones selectively picked have been published by Dmitri Chavkerov.

Except for the recketing business Dmitri Chavkerov is doing, by the above activities he is promoting his othe deceiving web site, where he offers invented by him forex signals, forex profiting software and expert advisors, which promise to get you profitable trading.

Here is a list of his other web sites:


I know several web sites which have paid Dmitri Chavkerov and he has removed completely the pages with bad comments about them. I know also others who would never pay such scam and risk their image being hurt. I know that from the good relation and close contacts I have with such online companies.

Dmitri Chavkerov has put a lot of efforts trying to cover his tracks in order to avoid justice. For example forexpeacearmy.com site is hosted at peer1.net, but he has paid additional fee to domainsbyproxy.com to protect his identity.

With some of his other sites Dmitri Chavkerov have offered forex rebates he is still unable to pay to his customers simply because he is not a broker and is not allowed to offer such services.

The cheats and deceptions of Dmitri Chavkerov are endless and he has still manages to escape justice. Be aware of him, don't trust his sites and web sites without complete contact information, and cheery on!

Moderation Note: This is typical of the sort of libel that detractors of the FPA like to spread arounf the web.

FB and the FPA never accepted any bribes or demanded any money for expenses of negotiating. The FPA even cancelled an advertisers account when the advertiser refused to cooperate with an FPA scam investigation.

If Mike has something to say that's not just repeating character defamation, the FPA would like to hear it. If not, we invite him to waste people's time somewhere else.


IHforex estafa.
Angel Gonzalez
cuenta 11492
IHforex estafa.
Abri cuenta en IHforex el 2011.09.28 15:37, ellos me ofertaron 1 pip en eur/gbp.
Trabaje asta el 2011.12.08 02:56.
Pedi que me enviaran mi dinero y solo me envian parte de mi capital..
He hablado con ellos y me dicen que la transferencia esta realizada pero el dinero no llega.
Se han quedado con parte de mi capital y todos mis beneficios, siendo un total de 4.600$.
Tengo informes de mi trabajo.
IHforex scam.
Angel Gonzalez.
account 11492.
IHforex opened the account, 2011.09.28 15:37, they tendered me, 1, pip on eur / gbp.
Work the pole, 2011.12.08 2:56.
Pedi send me my money and just send me part of my capital ..
I talked to them and tell me that the transfer is done but the money does not arrive.
They have taken part of my capital and all my benefits, for a total of, $ 4,600.
I have reports from my work.


Mikesamberg, do you have anything useful to post or are you just going to recycle some pathetic old lies and half-truths to defend your favorite broker? Or is IH Forex your employer?

In the meantime, more real traders with real problems with IH Forex keep popping up.


Dear Forexia and Pharaoh,

Thank you for your participation in this forum and your advice. When I sent UFX Bank the link to this forum and told them I would file a scam case against them, they started to entertain me. Today, I checked my bank and what is left of my account (around 900 dollar) has been refunded! I consider myself lucky to get this refund. I learned my lesson. I still maintain my negative review for them, though, because it is true they push you to deposit more money but when you initiate withdrawal they wont entertain you. BTW, they also ask you lots of documents that I think are not necessary. (They kept on pushing me to submit a copy of the credit card that I told them is lost. I think they are more interested at the back of my credit card with the 3-digit security in it. Although I erased the 3-digit key before I submitted a copy). Also, I think their trading system and their strategy is meant to lose your money. This company should be avoided.

Dear Angalakan,

please elaborate more about you case with full details in new thread.

1. how much you deposit?
2. how much your current account value?
3. which payment instrument you used?

also, pls attach all the mails you sent them or online chats.