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You beat me to it!! I came bluetrading.com today and immediately thought the same thing, the website is very similar looking too.

A leopard never changes its spot.

Bluetrading.com is only registered and bought in 2017, they took 1 year to build it. They are very smart, they removed their i2 traces off wayback machine and also installed robot.text to cloak against robot and people from accessing their data and website so they can disappear the later.

They started marketing around Jan-Feb 2018 onwards, going onto those similar websites to buy SEO articles and reviews to boost their ranking and reputation.
How the hell can you get nominated for best-managed accounts etc when you don't exist before 2017? And those awards are not fair type, are paid and registered type.

There are many better smaller hedge funds out there that use proper clearing brokers and CTA setup, meaning they only use POA and do not own the brokers themselves, they don't ask " Clients " to send them money. Instead, money is trusted by big boys like interactive brokers/Saxo/Dukascopy/Swissquotes etc and given POA to manage.

https://d3rhj658mauypp.cloudfront.net/mamm/bluetrading/pdf/CertifiedAudit_Feb2018.pdf - This is nonsense... Only top auditors can do the international clearing of auditing we refer to those big 4 etc.
using (PTY) in the name to mislead people that it might be an Australian entity

  • This bluetrading refuses to put its real registered office and company identity - There is no company registration and a real entity or natural person of the real persons.
  • They merely get all the brokerages to give a letter stating they have an account there but trading may never take place fully 100%. They might use only 20-50% of the full funds while washing the rest of the money elsewhere again and again.
  • When I2investment fall, they used UK empty shelf company to mask their real SVG entity which was a totally different name and entity etc. They also struck off before the whole scam or fraud came off.
  • Just ask yourself, if you have a business in UK or HK, do u use overseas auditor from south africa? And seriously south africa? How the hell can it be trusted? the auditors fly down to your country just to audit you? don't joke with me, you can simply find any local auditors to check the records and books and vouched for it using their CPA and lawyer reputation/license.
  • Even if the SA entity is real, it is merely coffee money to get it done. No records from MT4 can be audited officially, because Metaquotes 4 itself can do fake records and b-book. Unless your records comes from bank statements or liquidity provider tickets that are recognized like citi or saxo etc. and proper clearing through NAV.
  • Importantly, this stupid bluetrading are using 3rd party myfxbook just like how i2 was misusing algotradesoft's account to scam people.
  • Rem when I2 failed in cryptocurrency btc scam? When it never actually taken place? And why the hell would you invest into a crypto investment when non-leverage of 1 coin can easily move 20-50% overnight as well! Don't forget how btc went down from 19K to 6k and eth from 1k to 300+ etc.
  • There is no real legal the bluetrading claim it is based in switzerland then jolly well state your company registration ID and full information so people can search it up.
  • Blue Group is a Member of the Financial Commission, Global Foreign Exchange Committee (FX Global Code), and Crytpo Valley Switzerland Association. - This is joke as well, anybody can just buy into these type of category or bull**** by using $. If they are real, they can just get FCA or ASIC Corporate authorize representative to market their product instead.
  • Importantly, they do not actually run the strategy if they do, they can show their real myfxbook account on the said broker they had been trading on with their company name on it and publish their statement, that is what most retail fund managers are doing now, there's nothing to hide.
  • This way of doing managed funds is not transparent to hide the draw-down and losses, I don't suspect that there was zero trading but they are just churning the **** out of the client's money and also washing part of money elsewhere.
  • The PF is low is simple, if 2% ROI an average rate get 30% but let say ROI is 10-20%, even if PF is 10-18%, the absolute dollar in return to them is much higher. The clients borne all the risks while they don't. The point is they claimed they cannot have a proper myfxbook or record was due to cryptocurrency, then don't include them or just simple seperate the trading accounts.
  • https://bluetrading.com/what-we-do they choose to put some real persons etc inside now, but let me tell you this is just another I2 , another sakura, another perfectofx. They all will disppear no matter how much they invest to make themselves looks real and legitimate as long as they are regulated and not use 3rd party broker in client's own name, they can do anything with your money!
  • If you ask why am i frustrated? because these fellows came from Malaysia, most of them are from malaysia! I have many friends and peers being conned by these people, so raising awareness about internet marketing scam by these fellas to help traders to prevent another pitfall and increase their due diligence process.
  • Our primary trading office is located in Tokyo, Japan. However, we have worldwide traders servicing our firm as independent trading strategies working from financial service provider offices throughout Europe and Asia. We also have support staff globally as well as remote in order to provide 24 hour customer service. - Then please state the real offices and entity, how can u have offices globally without a company to rent the said office? state the bloody company names and identity...
  • https://bluetrading.com/referral-program - this is a MLM structure, take it or leave it, all scams used the same multi-level bullshits.



yes, they are cute.
it will dupe a lot of people without FX knowledge.
To us, we see the dangers, others dont.
Its sad.


i am one of the victims of I2 Investments and can assure you that Bluetrading is definitely a re-spawning of the same company. The people behind this scheme are liars and cheats. When that ponzi scheme closed down, the gutless little wretch in charge of it was in the habit of variously cajoling, bribing, and threatening victims of the fraud, although he would heroically use a gorilla mail account to hide his identity. if you are reading this Mervyn, have a good day, and remember, we are coming for you



I'm currently a client of BlueTrading.com and I'd like to ask some questions from people that got scammed in the past by other scammers (such as the iiinvestments.com)

Q1: How long does it usually take for a scam to burst its bubble and steal all the money of their customers?

Q2: Are in general all traders with high ROI scams or just trade aggressively?
I have a moderate trading personal experience on my own and I know 5-10+% is indeed possible but only via using high leverage & high-risk strategies, which is perfectly fine by me. I understand & accept such risk. What I do accept course is getting scammed offf my money.