ii investments aka i2 investments


You're way off...

1. Go to their About Us page - clearly, that's a photo of TWO DIFFERENT employees.

It's higly unlikely that they have two key leadership team members with the name Reuben.
And why was the second Reuben picture hidden from public if it is a different key employee?

Anyway, they have already removed the pic from their files now, I guess they are also reading here..
I saved the second Reuben-pic on a webspace.

2. The "Global" company isn't a UK Company. Where does it say they are a UK Company? Clearly it's an IBC.
The "Disollved" entity you referenced isn't even relevant to them, it's a company with the same name that was in the UK years ago.

I didn't write that "Global" is a UK company, it doesn't matter anyway.
It's about not been able to find any background information in the internet about the five key leadership team members.
Usually succesfull traders or analysts have some history or records in the internet.


Iiinvetment looks to good to be true. Anyone hear of it .I tired to contact people who put review about them on this forum but cant get to hold of them to validate it .

Forex Gump

Hi there,

I would like to hear from anyone out there who has had dealings with i2 Investments? Good or bad.
There have been a few posters that have said they would keep us updated on their experience, but none have followed through with their updates.
I have read all the other threads here on i2 and have started conversations with all posters that I could make contact with, but have only got replies from those wanting to find out more info.
I have not had a reply from any posters that have invested with the company, other than one guy that replied and said that he didn't want to talk to me about it. Strange? He has posted a lot of positives about the company, but would not discuss it with me via "conversations".
A lot of the other posters that have given 5 star ratings are guests and non contactable.

I have had a major turning point in my life lately. I have separated from my wife of 34 years, then I was badly injured in an accident and I am unable to physically work, so I have also lost my job.
Things have been pretty bad for me.
When I found out about i2 Investments, I thought I had found the answer to my prayers,
I started doing the necessary Due Diligence on them, only to find several sites with damning writing about them, something I was not expecting to find. There were also sites with positives about them, but they appear to have just copied the same stuff and have just written it in their reviews.

I have emailed i2 with my concerns about these negative reviews, asking to be able to make contact with clients, but was told..... "We do have many clients in Asia Pacific I can refer you to but quite frankly it's just not worth our time to arrange these meetings for one retail client. I'm sorry. "
I also contacted their accountant in Australia, but he was very non committal, as you would expect.

What I would really like is to get some replies from anyone that has either positive or negative dealings with i2 investments, so I can make an informed decision about them before diving in.
To those posters that were going to give us updates, please update us.
I'm sure, by reading the threads about i2, that there are many others that would also like answers.

Thanks everyone for taking your time reading this ramble.
Hopefully, we will get some answers to our questions.

Hope you all have a happy weekend.
Cheers, Steve.


Lmao Why am I not surprised nobody is posting their proof, all talk no action.

We also need a myfxbook record of those records, we simply cannot trust a record which is a png format on THEIR OWN SITE FXVERIFIED which they tried to deny, but thanks to Whois :)

so I'll never trust them until I see that myfxbook track record showing the 600% ROI per year


Oh I forgot to mention when I called them to ask a few questions about my concerns the so called "Trader" there turned petty and bragged about how he has millions and my 3000euros do not mean anything to him...sounds professional right?? HERE TAKE MY MONEY!!!


I sarted investing in I2 Investments 3 months (last week of April 2017) and has received about 11% profit per month based on aggressive style trading. This month July 2017 I can forsee a higher % profit. So far I have made 2 deposits and 2 profit withdrawals direct to my EUR foreign currency account. It is true that I2 Investments has responded quickly to my email queries (total more than 50) either within the same day or latest the next day. There is always the risk that you may lose some or all your funds as I2 is trading on margin (I believe 2 to 3 times your investment balance). However I notice that I2 losses are small compared to their profit. Perhaps they have a method to quickly stop losses and prolong the gains. So far I am very satisfied with my investment with I2 and look forward to future steady stream of income. If you are concern about I2 as a genuine alternative fund manager I suggest you invest in the minimum EUR 3,000 and withdraw your profits say every one or three months. Based on say 11% profit per month then in 9 months you would have recovered your initial EUR 3,000 investment. Then keep whatever you have in I2 for a longer period and hopefully it will grow quickly due to compounding effect. Remember I2 does not guarantee a fixed profit every month which are normally offered by scam sites. My final advise is to only invest money you can afford to lose all of it, say 10-15% of your liquid asset. All the best in your future investment.


We also need a myfxbook record of those records, we simply cannot trust a record which is a png format

I'd like to see some myfxbook or fxblue redords myself.
There are many supporters or investors of i2 on FPA,
but no one posted their own indipendent results yet.

on THEIR OWN SITE FXVERIFIED which they tried to deny, but thanks to Whois :)

I don't know about this one.
Forexverified.com has been around many years before i2.
I couldn't find anything in the Whois showing that Forexverified.com belongs to i2.

Can you please post the proof?

The only strange thing is that they claim to be around since 2007,
but the website was registered on 2009-02-15. Still, many years before i2.
They also have their own (bad) results on myfxbook since 2011.