Banned multi of chrisneal and marta320183
Contacted that scammer again today and to my surprise, he seemed pretty angry lol. After I sent him an email telling him I would expose him, he got REALLY mad and pasted a couple of pictures he took or someone he sent took. Not sure who the hell these 3 peoples are but I can tell you guys that scammer is trying HARD, REALLY HARD TO catch me.

For privacy purposes and to protect the identity of those random people, I will only send it via PM to people who are interested. It appears this moron is blackmailing me and threatening me with his friend from the RCMP lmao.

I will be posting more proofs against this scammer soon, right after I get Liquid Web to shut down his illegal business.


Banned multi of chrisneal and marta320183
Latest update:

This scammer is paying people to vouch for his scam services... Created 2 accounts on his wordpress website (YES HES USING WORDPRESS) and got them deleted.

He's in a panic mode right now.

I've gained access to his admin panel... check images below:


Here's the license readme file: https://iiinvestments.com/license.txt

This guy is nothing but a pure piece of junk who blackmail random people and sell their identities. DO NOT EVER UPLOAD YOUR DOCUMENTS, HE WILL SELL THEM LIKE HE DID TO A FEW PEOPLE.


Banned multi of chrisneal and marta320183
Unfortunately guys, this website is indeed a scam, a big one. They are unlicensed and hold no business license.

Here's his latest reply:

We told our RCMP contact to hold the case as you're obviously someone who is mentally ill. I will resume it if you continue this childish behavior.

As I've said repeatedly, we have zero complaints and relationships with strong brokers for over three years. Not one client complaint.

You continue to call us a scam because of a bunch of forum threads etc from design agencies you've found to be "illegal" for some reason.

We are an Offshore IBC operating completely legally. We do NOT accept clients from Canada, the US, France, India, and several other countries that prohibit overseas currency investments. We follow all laws. Your previous registrations today were declined by the system immediately for this reason. We even post on our website that we don't accept Canadians since the new law this year prohibiting non Canadian registered entities.

We do nothing wrong. You have a sick obsession with our company and continue to lie that you are not Ali, then you claim to be Ali again, it's honestly just creepy.
It reminds me of the "Split" cinema feature I saw featuring a delusional man.

I honestly hope you get the help that you need. I am not interested in playing your strange games. This is the final time I will allow you to behave like this Ali.

I am not joking. Think long and hard about what you have done. We have documented all your activity.

Have a nice weekend,

This guy claims he has RCMP contacts.... RCMP supporting a scam located OFFSHORE with no legal status.

Beware of this ponzi scheme.

Weird, they used to accept American and Canadian clients, not anymore after I exposed his nasty crap LOL.

Whoever is interested, please send me a PM and I will send you the pictures/identity of people he sent me... He's selling people's identity sadly.


iiinvestments Representative

We very rarely have ever involved ourselves in these type of things but the individual here is currently now been referred to the Montreal Police Department for his attempted extortion against us. His name is Ali Al-Jibouri and owns a video game company called D3Boost.com from his parent's home in Canada. We plan on having a full restraining order against him in the next days along with our law enforcement and legal contacts in Canada guiding us on appropriate actions.

He is repeatedly attempting to extort our company because he had found some type of design agency he thought was linked directly to us, and he also thought that all FX companies had to be regulated in every single country they accept business. We do NOT accept any clients from FX restricted countries (France, USA, India, now Canada and Belgium, etc etc). Many clients have ever written this here on the FPA and attempted to open accounts in other jurisdictions and the brokers have denied them. FXCM even shut down two of our accounts for this reason.

We tried to be nice to Mr. Al-Jibouri but he repeatedly sends us emails (as attached) demanding "Bitcoin payments".

In the latest twist, Mr. Al-Jibouri is now attempting to HACK our website.
All he had done however is posted pictures of Admin area and claimed somewhere that we "sell" customer info. He is completely delusional and clearly does not have any user data, or know anything about our company.

We work with the most respected brokerages, and have ZERO CLIENT NEGATIVE REVIEWS:

Mr. Jibouri's desperate attempts are only based on lining his own pockets.
It is laughable that he claims we are a scam or somehow blackmailed him. Clearly, he has zero evidence to supports this but lives in an alternative internet reality.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to our clients who were alarmed by any postings by Mr. Al-Jibouri, or thought he may be able to hack their accounts.

iiinvestments.com is SSL Secure, scanned, and monitored 24x5 by our traders and 3rd party security team (Norton).

While we always say, we are an aggressive FX company, we are an IBC, and have had a Max DD of about 15%, we show true transparency on our website and for those reasons have such happy clients and NO complaints in about three years of doing business as a small retail fund.

Thank you for reading this! We hope in the coming weeks law enforcement will be handle Mr. Ali Al-Jibouri's depraved behavior.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly anytime at support (at) iiinvestments.com



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Banned multi of chrisneal and marta320183
Guys, just wanted to give you a quick update once again;

The scammer is working hard to get evidences of how poorly his WordPress is managed, yes he's using WordPress for his multi billion dollar business. He can't spend more than $200 for his get rich scam. I have uploaded the images somewhere else, he shouldn't be able to remove those anymore.



Banned multi of chrisneal and marta320183
Unfortunately, iiinvestments your claims of being a "legit" business is nothing but pure lies. No company in this planet is or offers a 600% return on investment. If you guys were such a great investment opportunity how do you explain the fact that you can't even spend enough money to build a proper website platform? You are using WORDPRESS, you cheap amateur! On top of that, where's the credit card deposits? It's no longer accepted? What happened all of a sudden?

You claim to be registered in an offshore country, that's EVEN WORST!!!

Go ahead and report me to agencies in Canada, I'll be more than happy to provide them the email correspondence of the payment you OFFERED ME and your scam website. Yes guys when we first talked, he offered me money in exchange of keeping my mouth SHUT. He did the same to RedRhinoFX. I'm not the one who asked first and the funny thing is, I was playing games with this scammer all time long. He really believes I need his scammed cash, what a scammer.

"iiinvestments.com is SSL Secure, scanned, and monitored 24x5 by our traders and 3rd party security team (Norton)."

Please don't let me laugh on this, this means NOTHING. All of the websites you own and have reviews on BELONG to you. You are NOT licensed to trade forex on behalf of investors. You're nothing but a pure scam.

PROOF: http://www.myfxbook.com/community/new-traders/verify-trading-results/1402502,1

And pictures you sent to my email have nothing to do with me, I'm confused who the hell these people are. The only delusional person in here is YOU. At this moment, I'm laughing at how pathetic you are. Sending pictures of unknown people. You really should try harder.

I'll keep hunting your website down, reviews are not illegal, and everyone is entitled to his own opinion.


Banned multi of bha2.mshni2 and marta320183
Hi Everyone,

Before I start off my analysis on this whole investment scheme, I just wanted to point out that I usually don't participate in online discussions but this thread caught my attention because I was about to get lured by this scam unfortunately.

I am quite unsure where to start off because there's so much points to cover. I'll try my best to be as accurate and honest with my review as possible.
  • First of all, let's talk about the transparency of this website. How transparent is it in terms of divulging important information to investors? From reading the contents on the website, there's clearly a lack of consistency, honesty and trust. What I mean by that is how can a website claim to not accept residents from Austria, United of States, Canada and many other countries yet they acknowledge the fact that their physical address and where they operate is located in Austria, Germany and Canada?

Even their virtual office is located in Austria.

  • Now let's examine how deposits work. Investors can deposit via the following payment method: Bank Wire, Credit Cards and Bitcoin. Now in terms of Bank Wire, it appears that the deposit must be sent to a bank account located in Germany under the name of Ansbacher Limited. What's fishy about this whole thing is how will Ansbacher determine that the money sent is being sent from the investor to Iiinvestments. If you ask me, this makes no sense.

It looks like I'm not the only one who has been doubting about this whole scheme of deposit. Even RedRhinoFX is questioning this.

Coming back to RedRhinoFX, I am not quite sure why exactly he removed his feedback against Iiinvestments, but it wouldn't shock me if some sort of an agreement was made between the two, considering the fact that Iiinvestments is known to behave in such way (offering money in exchange of removing the negative content. redrhinofx.com/i2-ii-investments/

I also found out that the Company Bank Account was blacklisted by a couple of banks, if not all because it was not regulated by officials.

Now, let's get back to Credit Card deposits and Bitcoin. From the seem of it, I2investments is no longer accepting Credit Card deposits. Reason? Well, remember when we were talking about transparency? If what they were doing was indeed 100% legal, why would they stop accepting credit card payments considering that 99% of brokers accept deposits through credit cards?

What about Bitcoin deposits? Bitcoin is popular, I get it but a regulated broker will never rely on Bitcoins because the currency is unstable and cannot be relied on.

  • What happened to NETJETS. Who remembers that day where NetJets was supposedly in a partnership with I2investments? Offering members discounted rates. On the NetJet website, it never mentions iiinvestments but for some reason, management insisted on this.

To my surprise, it looks like it has been removed from their website but they have not bothered deleting it from their server.

  • Now, the auditing company, the one that does their paperwork. Let me start off by saying that nothing posted or uploaded on their Verified Track Record page makes sense. Not even the uploaded PDF file here.
Fact is, the original link was altered by the one above. Iiinvestments claims to have been doing business with a firm named Thomas Services but that firm was cancelled in 2011.

Even their domain name was listed for sale

So all this leads to one thing, Iiinvestments was lying to investors, there's no denial in that.

Also, their current auditing company is nothing but pure fiction. It has no existence whatsoever on the web:

  • Now, let's further analyze their track record. Unfortunately, here's where things get very ugly. All the links posted on their website are linked to random traders that have nothing to do with Iiinvestments.

  • This will be my last point. I will get back with more updates on this. The admin real name is not what he claims it to be. Matter of fact, no one does, not even me. To give you a clue of why I strongly believe and can confirm that the admin is misleading you guys, here's a quick peak:

Take a look at his present job? Banking and Financial Services (Full Time Employee). Boom!

Fishy isn't it? A couple of names, different ones. Andrew James from India (you can be certain that this is not his real name because that's not an indian name at all). On top of that, his real email is iiinvestments4@gmail.com.

He has been using a couple of fake names, from Peter Jackson to Andrew James but all of them were pointing towards one country, INDIA. That does not mean much but it sounds like we got yourself an indian administrator running this investment scheme. OR we might have a Canadian or Austrian or even German administrator.

Let's get back to their design and website platform. Some of the members on this forum pointed out that WordPress is being used. Unfortunately, that's right. I was able to confirm that by simply running Acunetix on my private server. Nothing wrong using WordPress but spending merely $250 on a cheap design, isn't really what a professional investing company that claims it manages over 30m in funds. Something is definitely not right.

It also looks like the contents were removed, by the owner (not sure why he's deleting all his leftover).

All in all, after doing my own due diligence, I can confirm and say that I will not be investing anything with Iiinvestments.com because there's way way too many red flags out there. Something is simply not right about it.

Cheers to everyone and will come back with more later on.


Banned multi of bha2.mshni2 and chrisneal
@chrisneal Thank you for posting all these evidences. It is becoming crystal white clear that the owner is nothing but a scammer. Today, I was checking out the positive reviews that were being posted online and I found someone by the name of Andrew James posting a 5 star reviews.

According to chrisneal and the proofs posted, wasn't he a full-time employee at i2investments? Don't get fooled by his fake reviews online, this guy is either paying people to post them OR he's using some sort of a VPN to do so. If this is not a proof, I really don't know what proof you guys are going to take into consideration.