IKOFX a Scam Broker


I traded with Ikofx for total of 7 months. For the 1st 5 months, trading were normal, only ocaationally a few hick ups. I was making an average of 40-60% pe month until the last 2 months, the broker started to manupulate all the trades against me. I did a screen shots of how they adjust the prices to thier advantage in comparison with other brokers. The methods they use against thier profiting clients are example adjusting the TP and BL to 15-18 pips difference. After the price hit the TP/BL, the price adjust abck to near other brokers pricing. I also had prints shots of when I enter trade, they straight away gave me a -6pips for EU while the spread is only 2pips. I complaint to the broker about the manupulation, but they did nothing.