ikofx.com manipulated the prices


My complaint is about a series of trades made on 3 July 2014 on USD/JPY instrument between 12:30 and 13:11 platform time. The opening price of 101.92 at 12:30:02 has never been questioned and therefore is undisputed. What is however striking is what happened next. The minute which followed saw an unprecedented downspike contrary to market prices. The prices between opening my positions and closing them was clearly manipulated by IKO as it is on average 20 pips below the correct price taken from cross-referencing through other currency.

The business’s closing price between 13:08:05 and 13:12:43, was mostly between 101.98 and 102.05 [see the Account Statement and the original, manipulated price chart]. I decided to prove them wrong with their own prices by cross-referencing their own quotes of other currency, CAD [attached]. I also did it with EUR with particular quotes at certain point in time and it confirmed my suspicion that the closing prices were manipulated (the analysis can be shown on request; since I have got stronger evidence I don’t want to overdo it).

Finally, after about two months, I checked the charts again and I found that the prices REFLECTED the market rates! [Recent MT screenshot] I am sorry for it is not in English, but the numbers are telling. Further, the line chart is corrected too [Line Chart-Corrected].

Account Statement.pngCross reference CAD.pngOriginal, manipulated chart.pngLine Chart Corrected.jpgRecent MT screenshot.jpg