IKONFX Held Seminar in Collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce – Naser Taher proclaimed on t


IKONFX Representive
IKONFX " that is known as IKON Group ' held a seminar on Investment opportunities in Metals and Oil Commodities in collaboration with the Oman Chamber of Commerce. Presiding over the event was Chairman for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Rawas.

Naser Taher, CEO and President of IKON Group, proclaim, “It was IKON Group's great honor to acknowledge the Chamber of Commerce’s vigilant efforts in regards to the development and implementation of initiatives for the region.”

IKON Group highlighted its vested interest in the advancement of Investment strategies by introducing three lectures tailored to maximize ideal areas of the local market through a sound and efficient Risk assessment approach.

The first Seminar related to investment Principles and Categories of Investment Assets by economist Hossam Saba.
The second Seminar lecture focused on Currency Market Trading, delivered by Mohammed Ibra , Director of Business Development at IKON Group. Finally, a third lecture was titled “Fundamentals: The Optimal Strategy for CURRENCY TRADING”, lectured by Ahmed Al Yafei, member of The Investment Development Committee branch for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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