I'm Giving In and It's Official!

Ludvik Cizinsky

End, terminar, acabar, konec, ende, fine, kanietz, finito... I reluctantly admit that my effort (changing the FPA rule) is fruitless since there is such meager interest supporting the cause from those who could benefit from it the most. My primary intention was to help new members whose English may be an obstacle in their effort to write 10 posts and be taken under the FPA protective wing. My second intention was to help myself, of course, and I don't deny it! Nevertheless, I have no problem writing and sharing my thoughts and sooner or later (most likely sooner), I will produce the required number of posts which will earn me promotion and more benefits. But at this moment, I feel like Don Quijote, the man from la Mancha; having this incredible dream which, in reality, turned out to be nothing more than a wishful thinking! As Eric in his reply pointed out, quote: "...the rules are there for reason..." end of quote, and I have to agree with him. After listless support for my effort, I also can sympathize with Risex, AsstModerator, Pharaoh and Forexwatchman in their reluctance to help members who demand FPA action but don't bring anything or very little to others in return. This is my last post referring to this subject!
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Hi Ludvik,
well your nearly there with the number of posts and I do hope you stick around to share thoughts and ideas. FPA is a great resource but the forums lack posters, most people just look but never say anything until of course they have a problem. I am starting my own blog this year to help traders so please feel free to give me a visit FOREX DAWN

Let me know what you think and you'll be up to 9! lol best of luck in resolving your problem.


Believe it or not, the FPA isn't 100% English Only. The FPA WorldWide Headquarters tab has a number of non-English discussion threads.

I also helped out a guy some in Beginner's Bookcamp a while back when he could barely write in English. I used Google Translate so I could read what he wrote and respond to him in Arabic (a language that I have zero knowledge of). I couldn't get perfect communication that way, but it was more than enough to get things started in the right direction.

One of my favorite quotes: "Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." by Richard Bach.