We the members of the Scam Investigations Committee of the Forex Peace Army have deliberated on all the evidence available to us and have reached a conclusion. It is our opinion that...

FPA Member Natzmclean placed money with the HYIP called Imoktrade. She received a few small payments without any problem, then was unable to withdraw any of the rest of her money or get any response from Imoktrade.

After complaining to the FPA, our investigator, Gerard, send some additional emails to imoktrade, but also received no response.

This appears to be another case of a HYIP failing to return investor funds. Failing to return money legitimately owed to a trader is the FPA's first definition of scam.

Thus, we officially find that Imoktrade is a scam. We offer Imoktrade the chance to resolve this issue by returning all money legitimately owed to Natzmclean.

We extend our sympathies to Natzmclean for the loss of her money. We thank Lt. Gerard for his efforts on this case.

Imoktrade is hereby blacklisted by the Forex Peace Army. We urge Natzmclean to band together with any other victims to hunt down those behind this scam and seek legal redress for this issue.

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