Impending Class Action Lawsuits against Several Brokers

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Impending Class Action Lawsuits against Several Brokers
Meet our Forex Litigation Lawyers Live in the Middle East

With imminent plans to launch a class action lawsuit against NRG Binary, IronFx, Titan Trade, Ivory Options and LBinary, our Forex Litigation Lawyers will hold a series of seminars in the Middle East, including Dubai, Doha, Kuwait City and Jeddah, between 5 and 15 June 2016 (dates and venues to be confirmed).

Our recent success in representing TIRN Forex fraud victims with the retrieval of more than $1.8m prompted hundreds of victims from around the world, including the Middle East, to instruct the firm with claims against Forex brokers and financial institutions worldwide.

Giambrone, the international law firm, is pleased to announce the Middle East Forex Road-show, a series of educational events dedicated to assisting and helping Forex investors. Members of the Forex Litigation Team will attend a “Forex Middle East Road-show” hosted at major financial hubs to meet investors who believe they have been scammed by Forex brokers and to explain what legal solutions are available to recover trading losses in dealing with situations where there may be litigation in a number of different countries at the same time.

Our lawyers in the Forex Litigation Team have considerable experience in regulatory investigations and enforcement including investigations involving multiple authorities, often in more than one jurisdiction and the unique structure of our team, which includes civil, regulatory and criminal lawyers as well as dedicated compliance professionals, means we can provide cross border, sector wide support on a holistic basis

We lead the way in handling cutting-edge litigation, including disputes arising from the recent financial crisis relating to complex financial instruments and Investors’ class action claims arising out of Ponzi schemes and other online frauds.

Presenter: Gabriele Giambrone is the Managing Partner and Founder of Giambrone Law | International Law Practice. He has been involved in the management of complex international Forex and financial litigation claims in various jurisdictions for a decade, and is a well-regarded expert in the field. Prior to founding Giambrone Law, Gabriele served the legal industry in a number of professional capacities — from paralegal and lawyer to corporate manager in an international bank and director of legal solutions. He is a frequent speaker and a contributing author of various articles on Forex litigation. Gabriele has also authored a number of articles on the management of complex Forex cross-border and multinational claims. Contact him at

To register for your interest, email or call +44 207 183 9482.

Editors Notes: International law firm Giambrone is a global law firm with one of the top Forex litigation practices in the world. Its worldwide Forex litigation and arbitration capability comprises multi-lingual lawyers operating from over 8 offices across Europe and North Africa.

We are at the forefront of Forex and financial services litigation, having represented investors and high net worth individuals in significant and high profile disputes, such as in the freezing and remission actions by the SEC.

You can read more about our litigation team at:

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Media contact: Shama Tipi – Head of Business Development EMEA – Telephone +44 (0)20 7183 9482 Email:

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Let me save a few of you from having to write questions...

Currently, live meetings are planned for the Middle East. The class actions suits are not restricted to people in the Middle East. That is a region being given extra attention due to the high number of clients in the area. I am sure that if a large enough number of clients from another area show interest in a live meeting, Giambrone Law will consider it. The best way to arrange this is to contact Giambrone Law directly instead of posting "Hey, will there be any meetings in Nebraska?"

Giambrone is interested in actions, individual and group, against other brokers. The list in this press release is for the 5 brokers which are closest to being taken on as class action. If you want to know about the possibility of individual or class action suits against other brokers, please contact Giambrone Law directly.

I don't have the exact fee structure. I do know that class actions cost individuals significantly less than separate suits. Using the form here will make it easier for Giambrone Law to tell you what the fees will be...

Personally, I'm looking forward to following each of these legal cases. I hope this is just the beginning of legal efforts against some of the most badly behaved brokers out there.



Yes, Yes, Yes, definitely something we've all been looking forward to. The strongest warning yet to all the scammers out there.


Great to hear that the tide may be turning against all these scam's. I wish you great success in your endeavor to prosecute all those guilty of fraud and scams!:)


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I have several pieces of news on this. First, Heallys LLP of London has joined forrces with Giambrone Law. You can see more details of that here...

I've also been told that based on the interests of many victims of these companies, the legal seminars may be spreading beyond the Middle East. I'll provide more information in this thread as soon as I get confirmation that plans are firming up.