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Discuss Important notice for Telegram/Instagram Victims

General discussions of a financial company


Everyone who got scammed by telegram pages, make sure to report the scams to Telegram, You can contact the Telegram and ask them to take action or remove those scammers from Telegram.

Also, don't forget to lodge a report to the regulators in your own countries, and the regulators in any country you have sent money to. And, if you have used the PayPal or some other money transfer service then make sure you report there as well.

Edit: Here is the tutorial about how to submit a report to Telegram Channel.

First Click on and then click on a report as mentioned in below image


Now, click on other and write the scam story that happened with you in the description and click on submit as mentioned in the below picture.

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Telegram isn't just an encrypted messaging service!? but has it's own interests in Crypto along with their own offshore entities that has conducted an illegal $1.7 billion securities offering of digital tokens!
Looks to me like Telegram is just another net to catch and defraud people and is why seeing so many complaints of people being scammed on Telegram!!

Can you share how to report scammers to Telegram? I have alot of them to report please.
It's easy go to telegram, on the channel or group click on the drop down menu and click report. You have option to state why you are reporting the group or channel in the case what is states is not your reason. Also note that there must be 30% of the whole members of the channel reporting for the channel or group to be labeled a scam channel or group.
Secondly you need to also know you can screenshot correspondence with the owner of the group or channel with proofs that truly funds exchanged was done between yourself and the owner of the group or channel that way forex Peace Army can look at it and take the necessary action.
Have these kinds of scams against people still continued? In 2018 there was a similar one. They seem to renew themselves as the days go by.
Have these kinds of scams against people still continued? In 2018 there was a similar one. They seem to renew themselves as the days go by.
Just have a look on the social media's. It's full of scammers these days. For example, I report spam/scam nearly every single day on Instagram. :D
Scammers are everywhere nowadays. Gotta be careful to stay away from scammers. Thanks for the tips. Going to report some scanners in my hit list.
Scammers are getting trickier and use other people's forex accounts to make more customers nowadays. And in this case, they will not pay for scam, but the one whose trading account they used.
People are still naive about the Forex Market