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FXTradingRevolution Representative
We are delighted to introduce to you a revolutionary innovation of Forex Peace Army! In cooperation with a team of professional traders from FX Trading Revolution we have prepared for you an exclusive collection of our best and most powerful indicators that will help you to achieve profitable forex trading.

In this thread we will add more excellent indicators that we have developed based on our long-term experience in the financial markets. These will be the indicators that we believe are the absolute best, and very carefully we will choose them from our large database of all the trading software that we have.

We trust and hope that the trading software here will be very helpful in your trading and that these indicators will make your trading easier and especially more profitable! Nowhere else on the Internet can you find such a high-quality, professional and time-tested trading software as here! Of course, everything we provide here is free.

Important information to get started:

1) We carefully choose all the indicators provided here
from our database of trading software and therefore these are our TOP tools for trading. All indicators are also updated regularly for free. Thanks to this you will always have the latest and the most advanced version of each trading software. In each thread of each trading software you can find always the latest version of the software for downloading.

2) When each update of the software is prepared, the programmers already have the next update mapped out. Each new version is designed to notify users within 1-2 days of the next version being released. This means that once a new version is available, the indicator will display in the MT4 trading platform the notice that there is a new version available. With just one click on the button in MT4 you will directly get to the thread of the indicator, where you can download the latest version!
For this reason it is necessary to use DLL in our software.

Important: In our software we only use DLLs that are already legally built into every computer. We strongly recommend not downloading any external DLLs. We also do not recommend allowing a DLL import in software from unverified sources, and allowing DLL only in the software from Forex Peace Army or any other verified and trustworthy sources. Also, download all the software only from the FPA threads here – this will ensure that the software is safe to use.

Before using the software here, you have to firstly allow DLL import in your MT4 trading platform to be able to use the software and to make the "automatic detection of new versions" work correctly.

There are two ways of allowing DLL import.

A) To allow DLL import for the whole MT4 – we recommend this only if you use external software from FPA and verified sources.
  • Turn on your MetaTrader 4 trading platform
  • In the upper menu go to “Tools“ and choose “Options“
  • Then click “Expert Advisors“
  • Tick “Allow DLL imports“ (if you do not already have it ticked). See the picture below
  • Click “OK“

B) To allow DLL import only for the specific instance of the software
– you have to allow DLL import every time you want to add a new indicator to your charts.

In this case simply drag the software from us to the chart from the Navigator in the MT4 trading platform.

In the new window click “Common” and tick “Allow DLL imports”. Then you can further set the trading software and click “OK” to make the software work in your chart.

3) All our indicators are currently compatible only with the MT4 trading platform. To use our indicators, you must paste them into the "Indicators" folder of MT4.

Where to find the Indicators folder?
  • Open your MetaTrader 4
  • In the upper menu go to "File" and select "Open Data Folder"
  • Now you will see the new window with a directory where you need to open the folder "MQL4".
  • Then you will see the "Indicators" folder. Into this folder you must paste all of our indicators that you want to use with MT4. You have to repeat the steps above if you want to use the indicators in your other MT4 platforms.
4) Please note that all indicators here will not automatically guarantee you profitable trading. This is only a tool for your trading and your trading results will always primarily depend on your personal approach. Therefore, please never underestimate Money Management in trading and never risk too much on one trade. Before using the software please also make sure that you fully understand our Disclaimer.

5) Of course, we strongly encourage you to use all the indicators provided here. However, always rely on yourself and your own decisions. Indicators are only additional tools that can help you in your trading. Building a quality and profitable trading system is now up to you! Still, we are sure that the indicators here will help you when building robust trading systems.

Table of Content:

1) Powerful Buyers & Sellers Zones Indicator

Our first very powerful indicator that shows the zones in the markets where based on statistics and market volatility strong accumulation of buying or selling market participants mostly occurs. This indicator gives traders a significant advantage, because thanks to these zones traders can with increased accuracy predict where the market can do countermoves and reverse.

2) Power of Side Indicator

Our second free indicator is called Power of Side. Based on our experience, it is a high-quality indicator that shows situations in the market where buyers or sellers are significantly strong. In case the market sentiment is neutral, meaning buyers and sellers are about the same, the indicator doesn't show anything. Thanks to this it is easy to explore when the market should be in an upside trend and when it should be in a downside trend.


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