In Need of a Mentor ---- Any Suggestions?

Eric Alyea

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you get what you pay for.

I don't think that is gonna work. I am no expert at the moderation settings but I think your rank doesn't allow that yet.

I tried it but could not get a message to you.

Good Luck.

Boy if Cyclon tried to contact you and you didn't have your profile filed out for him do do it, you just missed the chance that you asked for. I wish he would offer the same to me. I appreciate the posts that he has made on my threads, and feel lucky for that and Pharoah's input.
Read the FPA daily signals "DAILY" and click on the "New post" tab after that.
good luck, Read!

mark gavin

Hi There
Some good advice above

Try Forex School Online. com my trading has turned around since linking up with Johnathon Fox, he has some free stuff on his site, he is a great mentor as he is pro trader from Melbourne Aust, he has an easy to understand course, a youtube site and very responsive to questions, the members forum has some real good senior traders to help you along the way, live trades are posted all the time with the full money management strategy posted on the charts that are put up Johnathon Post his live trades in there as well it is hard to wrong, you will still have learn to read priceaction and develop your own style that suits your personality, google it up and see what you think.