Inconeon Issue - Resolved

Hello All of Trader In The World

I want to review broker that i've been trade about 3 month

I have been trading at inconeon, deposit about $1500 and got The profit almost $ 5000 but Inconeon deleted All my profit..On my Mailbox MT4 he said:

"Dear Surbakti Maria Erbina Br ,

Accorning to Terms of Business Company stops the Agreement between you and Inconeon. All your trades are deleted. You can withdraw your deposits at any convenient for you time. It is prohibited for you to open new accounts at Inconeon."

IncoNeon Ltd.
8-800 555-5995

for The Details i will attach history trading on this thread..

This Broker really not fair and very2 scam, Inconeon wont let his client profit..

1. Inconeon Does'nt give any reason except that his email on my Mailbox MT4.
2. Inconeon does'nt answer at Online chat, skype(the Support is Online), and i Also send complain Email but there is no Reply
3. This is a cheating company in the forex market, they only allow clients to lose money in their accounts ,but cann't allow clients to earn money from their company.

There is 2 capture file 1st file is statement before Inconeon Deleted, and 2nd is statement whre inconeoen delete my profit, after that, inconeon tell me that inconeon deleted all my trading, and prohibited to open new account, This is a cheating company in the forex market, they only allow clients to lose money in their accounts, but cann't allow clients to earn money from their company.

I just want my money back, my profit is back.

If Inconeon ignore this thread, i will keep Posting, and announce to other forum and trader, Inconeon is Scam Broker


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From your explaination, we believe you are at liberty to withdraw your deposit except your profit. Have you try withdrawing and failed? We need to know what trading techniques you used in your trades. Also, it is the FPA Investigation Team who have the right to blacklist a broker after a thorough investigation.

We need to find out from some other persons trading with Inconeon too. Can they also say of them the way you said?

We however, must therefore take precautions in our transactions with Inconeons.
Hello All Of Trader at Forum..

I Want To Clarified about my Thread Inconeon broker, Finally Inconeon Give Me back my Money,thx to Inconeon IB Malaysia, that help me to get back my money.

Inconeon clarify to IB malaysia about my case: "Case account Surbakti Maria Erbina is already resolved, From IncoNeon descriptions that client trade at 30 december 2010 which is OFFDAY. And refund my money

And Case Closed And Resolved, i got my Money Back..