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IncoNeon market analysis

Discussion in 'Market Predictions and Reports' started by IncoNeon_Alex, Feb 22, 2010.

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    Feb 18, 2010
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    Pair EURUSD closes with the fall of the sixth week in a row, on Friday couple fell almost 200 points. Increasing discount window by the Fed was absolutely adequately evaluated, in the end we saw a continuation of the rally for a fall.

    On D1 we do not see the complete withdrawal bearish candle below the Lower, that is for the buyers was not formed an ideal signal to buy, in particular, Stoch also showed the intersection at a neutral level. On H4 situation is more interesting, here we immediately see what is happening inside the classic day rebound on the level Lower - 5 bovine candles in a row. If we had one candle upward, we could talk about increasing volatility of the risk of reverse motion, since the movement was really interesting for buyers. A pair of pretty easily passed the level of EMA20, traditionally recommended throw off some long positions, but now the price levels along the trail EMA. On the daily chart see figure "scissors", the weak against the newsletter should see a test of 1.3550, the lower level of the candle last Thursday. Thus, seems more interesting short positions.



    We received a clear signal to buy top-level crossing Lower confirmation of the breakdown last Friday. Strategy purchases are made in the region of 1.5450 to 1.5540. On the daily chart we see a down trend, where the purchase is practically work against the trend. Thus, more interesting to trade on the H4.


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