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Indonesian boiler room using new(?) advance fee scam

Discussion in 'Non-Forex Scam Alerts' started by T_Strath, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. T_Strath

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    Jan 11, 2012
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    the boiler room in Jakarta that brought you; Premier Partners, Robinson Franklin, Murray International, Beta Trading, Private Trading Acquisitions, Phoenix International, Elite Group Incorporated, Barrett Partners and many more seems to be (or have possibly been) using another ruse to part 'investors' from their cash.

    According to the boilerroombuster blog they have been contacting people posing as a 'Securities Lawyer' and saying that they can add people to the group they are currently working for while investigating these criminals. Problem is, this 'lawyer' is cold calling people and happens to know already which of the bogus companies the 'investors' were dealing with.

    I said 'have possibly been' earlier as the blogger had previously posted that this group had closed down operations, and then subsequently that the main players were still in Jakarta and may be setting up again. The blog does seem to suggest that this is recent activity so something else to be aware of.

    So; they sell you worthless/non-existant shares, then claim to be able to sell them for you (for more money) and finally (so far) pose as a lawyer working for a larger group of victims to get more.

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