Info on Alfatrade/nemesis capital


Greetings fellow traders

Writing in the hope of some intel on and if any have heard about bowstring capital and its operations.

To make a looong story very short, when starting trading i used a scambroker Had my sceptizes but thought it was realitivly safe to transfer funds into the "trading account" using visa.(after having read the laws of chargeback) It appared not so. It`s unbelivable that some imoral people who couldnt care less of what damage they do to other people is allowed to run free uncheked.

So, im looking if there might be others who has dealings with alfatrade in the past and are willing to go forward with a lawsuit..please respond to this post.

Any info and documents about these parasites are highly appriciated with the mutual goal to eliminate corruption and fraud

Thank you
best regards