Inovatrade - Can't Withdraw Money!


Looks like a scam, smells like a scam, but if you call them they insist it's not a scam. Of course what would you expect them to say...

Many people including myself have been waiting weeks to months and have yet to receive a dime. I was personally lied to twice, told my money was going to be wired that day, but received nothing each time. Now they just tell me my account is stuck in their "compliance department" being reviewed, but they won't say why, nor how long it will take before they send me my money.

A horrific experience. Couldn't even get them to acknowledge that I had sent my withdrawal form. Formerly prompt email correspondence suddenly went silent as the grave. I eventually called Panama, and while you can get customer service people on the phone very easily, they tell you nothing that makes sense. One rep had the gall to tell me they weren't even doing anything wrong!

By the way, this broker used to have an office in Florida, but they shut it down some months after I funded my account, leaving only the Panama office.
Go to and enter all your information there. Since Innova had a Florida office, go ahead and also file a complaint with the CFTC.