the truth of inovatrade

the truth about inovatrade is just one!... they(michael alcocer roa and his girlfriend iricelis bloise)are two mayors criminals not only stole more than a milion dolar from honest 12 victims in puerto rico over year and a half....they live and pretend they have a huge company an exellent customer service that only work just them...they answer every email with nonesense arguments just to entretain you and when you put a withdraw they cut of all the comunication with the client,stole youre money and move to the netx country...fist start in pr stole over 2 million then move to miami two diffrent oficce,now in panama....we summit this fraud to cftc,fbi,miami police,secret service,justice deparment and the list go and go(still working in the case)...we been scammed and we can proof this statement, scuse my english and thanks youre time to read this!!


4 weeks no payout - only lame excuses

now saying the account is under evaluation

and related to an IB which is CAYOFLOW

what options do we have?

lawyer in PANAMA, file with the Panama embassy locally too

what else?