Inside Option and now more scams keep coming


I am a victim of being scammed by two companies, Inside Option, and RTG trading. It was over a period of about six months late 2015 through to 2016 .... The funds were from an insurance payout I received after a heart attack. At the time I had just moved out of my married home and was looking to find a way of investing the money so we all could continue to live as a family without financial strain.
Well, no need to give you all the details as they are the same as most, investment increasing, encouragement to invest more etc.
During the last three months of this horror, I was approached through Facebook by a person who I thought was someone whom I had built a relationship with as my broker with inside options which was apparently fired because of some things that occurred with the management of my account. I had grown to like him very much.........over the months we communicated, so when I thought it was him reaching out to me through Facebook under a different name ( i made it mean it was because of his ongoing legal problems with his former employer inside options ) this ended up in I also lost a large sum of money......
I almost feel sick at this moment having to try and understand how it all occurred.

One thing I do believe is that all three were connected as once I divulged how much I had to invest or thinking to was like I was being conned from all angles, like sharks circling as they smell blood.

Eventually, it all became obvious what had happened and I was broke, incredibly unwell, I was unable to pay rent where I was and was evicted, losing the care of my two children. I attempted suicide as I was so ashamed of what had happened and in my mind at the time they were all better off without me.

The reason I say this is that it has taken me this long to find the strength to rebuild and move forward.

Over the last year I have had a number of calls from different companies stating that this company/companies had been held accountable in a court of law, and in fact, there are funds in an escrow account in my name as well as a payment awarded to the victims as compensation ??
I haven't believed any of them I don't trust anyone, and it's very upsetting for me when these companies call.

Now I am curious as to why I keep getting these calls and is there some truth to what I am being told ??

I have found this site stating just that, am looking for any advice as to what I should do ??

do I continue to forget about the past, or is there something happening that I will be compensated for the losses
You are now on a "sucker's list". Once you've been scammed, the scammers will come back claiming to be with different companies or even different people. All of them will say they are ready to "help" you, when they really intend to help themselves to more of your money.

Your contact information may have already been spread to other scammers. Someone who leaves a scam broker could take some with them. A scam broker employee who doesn't feel like the cut of stolen money is "fair" to him may try to scam you himself and then will sell victim info to outside groups.

Next, you'll have fake lawyers and even fake regulators calling and emaiing out of the blue, and all you'll need to do is not verify who they are and send a bunch of money. Then you'll have been scammed all over again.

Your best option is to contact real regulators. If you want to fully go after them, you can hire a lawyer. The drawback is that a licensed lawyer is unlikely to take your case for only a share of the recovered money. This is why you need to investigate the lawyer's credentials carefully. If any lawyer isn't ready, willing, and able to provide verifiable proof of being licensed, don't send money. If any regulator calls you, get the name of the person and the regulatory agency. Ask that person to email you from the domain name of the agency. If they give any excuse, they are fake. If you aren't sure, post the agency name and email address in this thread and someone can check it out for you.