Inside option shut down by Interpol

Great articles. Melanie Newman is one of the reporters the FPA provided information to.

I do see Inside Option's site is down. I don't see any reports of Interpol taking action. Does anyone have any verifiable information on this?
Does anyone have any verifiable information on this?

Generally, Interpol as Europol drive major investigations which will be forwarded to local country’s
authority’s to take appropriate actions, doubt they advertise about their present investigations.

"The audience heard this explains why INTERPOL’s three global programmes on cybercrime, organized and emerging crime, and terrorism are interconnected."

Seeing billions disappearing to unknown destinations, this seems quite clear !
"The scandal has been revealed in a joint investigation by the Daily Mail and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism."

Maybe is a good idea to contact them and point to FPA , to have a representative who monitor our complains .
I'd like to point out that MANY scam brokers , both binary and forex, have disappeared without the slightest trace of regulatory interference. This can happen if they get too much bad publicity and decide to reopen as a "new" company, or if the owners finally stole enough to retire to a private island.

Regulators tend to publish something when they seize companies. If they don't all it would take is one employee with a client list to keep the scam going.