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So basically -if I buy advertising here its cart-blanche to be a POS company that steals from its clients? This is exactly y I no longer support this forum-its to bad too. There are a lot of good members here-Its that same double standard that has helped tarnish the reputation and validity of this website.I hope u guys who run this site come back to reality and make it what it was and should be-a website dedicated to Forex and its traders-and not the religon of the almighty dollar! Good luck.:unhappy:

More the opposite. You could have a POS company with no confirmed scam findings and buy some ad space. If FPA members complain and you don't answer simple questions, your ad campaign gets suspended. If you refuse to cooperate with investigators, your ad camplaign gets cancelled. If your company continues to behave as this one did, you would end up with a confirmed scam finding.

Please note that the Review Moderation Team holds reviews for advertisers to the exact same standards used for reviews left for non-advertisers.

The FPA will never accept ads from any an company with a current confirmed scam finding. The FPA has also declined ads from several companies that were too questionable. There is a discussion underway regarding formalizing minimum standards for advertisers.


Waved Off

As a private pilot, one is always concerned about checking the terrain and ensuring at all times there is a safe place to land. This is even more true for those who have had the experience of landing on an aircraft carrier at sea while the ship is underway.

When making his approach, a carrier pilot is alert to watch the deck signalman to see if it is safe, right up to the last minute, as to whether he should cut his power and settle onto the deck. The signal to not land is called the wave off, where the pilot is warned that something about the landing is unsafe.

I was seriously considering Instaforex as my new broker. They have a pretty, well designed website which gives all the appearances that Instaforex is ready for me to make a landing on their deck.

On a whim, I decided to check the FPA Broker Ratings. What is the first thing I see on the list of brokers? A warning light next to the Instaforex landing site! I fly closer and look at the details provided in this report and I get a clear "Wave Off". Either go around, or in this case, since there appears to be a problem at that landing site and I will go elsewhere to land my forex trading account.

I notice some are critical of what you are doing here. While I don't think FPA does it perfectly and I do see flaws occasionally, I am grateful that someone who is closer to where I am getting ready to commit my financial life to, has a clearer view than I do and has waved me off. I say thanks, as I waggle my wings to you in acknowledgment and gratitude.

Because of the international aspect of forex trading and forex brokers, enforcement of fair and honest brokerage practices will always be problematical and we probably will never be able completely entrust that effort to governments. I believe it will always be necessary for private efforts by volunteers such as we see here to step in and fill the void. A void I am glad to avoid falling into.

So thank you Forex Peace Army, for despite your rather weird name and operating milieu, you do provide a useful gathering place for your 'army' of participants to provide their fellow traders with a closer sight of the possible pitfalls, traps and dangers in the international forex retail scene.


Bravo FPA!

I couldn't be happier that I became a member with FPA here in June of 2009! After reading how they handle and investigate complaints, I knew I was in the right place. I would like to congratulate FPA for being "Fair & Balanced" in their methods: very sound and reasonable stuff! And boy, do they ever have the cahones to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. Bravo FPA!

I say all this because they are helping me to avoid what I know would otherwise turn out to be some rather painful, if not expensive, rookie mistakes. If I buy an EA, it's based on FPA reviews. If I am shopping around for a broker, again, it's based on FPA reviews. Nothing like shedding the light of scrutiny, I always say. And if you got nothing to hide, then there's no problem.

So here I was, looking for a Forex broker when I cam across this thread. I'm sure you can imagine my delight, as I stared at my InstaForex Demo Account... I previously wrote a review for FXM Trading because there wasn't any; man, do they ever milk every last nickle from your trades if it's going against you: the slippage is incredible, and the requotes a nightmare. But just you close out a trade while it's working in your favor, and somehow, you will always -- without fail -- get EXACTLY where you closed at. I mean, why is it that it only works in their favor? I will tell you why: it's because they are a dealing desk turning profit from every angle possible and not just the spread as they claim. Anyway, that is not what this post is about.

I am rather new to Forex, and if anyone wants to throw some advice my way, please fell free. You will not only be feeding a man his daily fish, but teaching him how to fish for the rest of his life.

Again, bravo FPA!


i think FPA should open an donation the one who have gained advantages from FPA services can donate to this website :)


i think FPA should open an donation the one who have gained advantages from FPA services can donate to this website :)

yea, FPA should put up a donation link. alertpay, moneybooker or paypal will do. its worth supporting fpa.

it might not be much, but little by little adds up big.

Look What she had to Say

Look what InstaForex had to say when they got publicity they deserved on other major forex forums!

Ekaterina Contacted me Via Email! I'll post it here even though it's in Russian!
She is threatining me with law and demending to take their rating of my site!

Уважаемый Андрей,

Как официальный представитель компании InstaTrade Corporation я хотела бы получить Ваши комментарии по поводу акта размещения Вами данных материалов: Insta Forex | Forex Education and Signals

C уважением,
Екатерина Абрамова
Менеджер по связям с общественностью
InstaTrade Corporation

My Answer^

Уважаемая Екатерина.

Я занимаюсь Форэксом уже лет 7 и довольно успешно вот только свой первый счет я потерял связавшись с организацией как ваша которая просто испарилась с лица земли! Из-за таких как Вы перестают верят честным а это не правильно! Вы говорили про низость,? а не низко ли то что Вы делаете с Вашими клиентами за гроши! Поэтому уважаемая Екатерина когда деньги уже ничего не значют можно посветить себя в труд который поможет другим сохронить их деньги!

Her Answer

А я очень сильно сомневаюсь, что Вы располагаете какими-либо, как Вы заявляете, «доказательствами». Поясните, что значит «из-за таких как Вы»? Не совсем понимаю, каких именно.

На сайте нашей компании размещены реальные контакты вплоть до адреса с указанием номеров офисов. Любой клиент, открывший у нас счет, может приехать в Калининград и пообщаться напрямую с работниками и дирекцией компании. Мы развивающаяся организация и не ставим перед собой цели никуда «испаряться».

А то, что Вы разместили на своем ресурсе, называется никак иначе, как «клевета». Если Вы не удалите все эти очерняющие материалы с сайта и форумов, мы вынуждены будем возбудить против Вас уголовное дело.

P. S. Если Вы не боитесь ответственности за свои слова, что же Вам помешало выйти со мной на интерактивный диалог? Факт, что Вы не ответили мне в Skype, я могу расценивать как подтверждение своим догадкам – Вы просто жалкий трус, прячущийся за анонимностью своих никнеймов на форуме и нарушающий законодательство распространением клеветы в адрес благопорядочной огранизации.

C уважением,
Екатерина Абрамова
Менеджер по связям с общественностью
InstaTrade Corporation

My Answer

То как Вы урегулировали ситуацию с людьми которые были Вами обмануты всё говорит само за себя! То как Вы лично в один день говорили одно а завтра другое! Скайп создан не для переговоров с Вами! Чего я боюсь так это только какой-нибудь хакерской аттаки на мои системы с Вашей стороны поэтому не Вышел в Скайп и отправляю Вам послания с однаразовых IP адресов т.к от ВАС можно ожидать чего угодно!

На уголовное дело у Вас нет оснований т.к законом не запрещается свобода слова тем более когда это сло обосновоно!


P.S Это Всё время которое я мог на Вас потратить! Прощайте!

2009/7/17 Ekaterina Abramova <>
- Show quoted text -

Very bad bad company guys stay away!

I will post a translated version later in the day! It's Friday so a lot to do with trades before the market closes but arbound 3-4pm I'll post it!

I hope someone can translate this email for us? I am dying to see its contents.

As promised, bellow I posting an exact translation of e-mail correspondence that took place between me and InstaForex!

We'll start from the begining! I was surfing through forex communitys looking for news, announcments, when I saw That Ekaterina is posting ads,news,signal on Forex forum | Make Money With Currency Trading! Akting like innocent brokerage, who is honest and provides exelent support! So being a FPA member I reacive updates on Forex Scam since 2007 under a different user name! (I didn't own then yet) so I Knew that not long ago there was a big scandal between few FPA members and InstaForex which resolved in FPA confirming InstaForex to be a SCAM. So I went back through those complaints and read them again! I saw that some issues if not all of them were resolved but still the crime took place and the publicity was killing their scaming business so they decided to resolve it and clean up their act! Now before you can clean up your act you have to admit to your mistakes and appologies to clients in mass-media, as far as I know Insta did not do that till last minute they were claiming it, to be traders fault!

I thought people should know better at forexforum and I posted this first post!

Join Date: Jul 2009
Posts: 20

Read About InstaForex
Click Here To read about InstaForex as a Broker! You have to be kitting me to say that this is a best broker out there! BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS

Lets see what Ekaterina will have to say in this Forum!!
We trade and make pips and so should you! Forex Trading | Forex Education | Online Currency Trading | Forex Signals | Forex Education and Signals
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And I linked it to FPA investigation!

Ekaterina Comes to work and sees what's going on, answers my post:

Ekaterina will say the following:

do you recognize that for publishing slander materials in the mass-media you will have criminal responsibility?
It is absolutely obvious that the absense of any other facilities to compete with your business rivals at the market of the brokerage services makes you come down to such shabby acts in the international PR pratice. But be sure it won't get away with murder!
Your "fair" company will pay for this as well as FPA, which is absolutely anonymous and illegal organization.
official representative
InstaTrade Corporation

Then She Wrote me an Eimail #1 (Translation from Above)

As an official representative of InstaTrade Corporation I wanted you to comment your actions on posting of those materials Insta Forex | Forex Education and Signals

Ekaterina Abramova
Manager in Consumer Realations
InstaTrade Corporation

So I Responded:

Dear Ekaterina,
I've been dealing with Forex for past 7 years and dealt with it preety good! Only my first account I lost beacause the brokarage like yours that I dealed with disappered from the face of the earth! Because of you people stop trusting honest firms and that's not right! You said something abour missori? like it's not missirable what you do with your clients for peenies! That's why my dear Ekaterina when money don't mean a thing anymore you can dedicate yourself to work that will help others save their live savings!

Andrey West
Forex Trading | Forex Education | Online Currency Trading | Forex Signals | Forex Education and Signals

Ekaterina got pissed at me here:

I dought that you have anykind of proof! Explain what you mean by "Like Us"?Don't really understand what kind exactly we are?

Our site contains real contact information even the adres of a physical location with Office numbers! Any Client that has an account with us can come to Kalliningrad and talk face-toface with stuff and administration of the company! We are ivolving organisation and our target is not to disapper nowhere.

Whatever you posted on your site is called "Lies". If you do not remove those abusing content from your forum and broker review we will have no other choise but to file criminal law suit against you!

P.S. If you are not affraid of responsobility for your words why didn't you answer when I tried to contact you via Skype? That proves what I think - You just missirable and scared, hiding behind nicknames on forums and breaking laws by publishing Unprooved information about an honest organisation!

Ekaterina Abramova
Manager in Consumer Realations
InstaTrade Corporation

I Responded:

Methods that you used to resolve the issues for your clients talk for them self! How you personally lied with different exuses daily basis! My Skype is not meant for communication with you! What I'm affaraid of is somekind of hacker attack on my system from your side that's why I didn't respond to Skype! The emails I'm sending you now are sent from generated IP because you can expect anything from YOU!

You have no grounds for Criminal Case because the law does not prohibit freedom of speach and especially when that speech is true!

P.S That is all the time that I can dedicate to you! Bye Bye

Now it gets Funny! Ekaterina went to my site and on InstaForex review page posted a comment:

"Fair Brokers",
do you recognize that for publishing slander
materials in the mass-media you must have criminal responsibility?
It is
absolutely obvious that the absense of any other facilities to compete with your
business rivals at the market of the brokerage services makes you come down to
such shabby acts in the international PR pratice. But be sure it won't get away
with murder!

My response to that was:

Dear Ekaterina

Forex Trading | Forex Education | Online Currency Trading | Forex Signals | Forex Education and Signals is not a brokarage of anykind we are not even IB and we will never be! That's why we are not compatition! If you would of paid a littel more attention to my site you would of guessed that probably!

After That Ekaterina has posted another threataning post on forexforum! The details of that you can read here along with my responses!

InstaForex - - Page 10 - Forex Forum

I honor FPA and I'm glad that you guys are here helping others traders acomplish something! Thats why I'm following their steps but I mainly target russian speaking traders that bearly speak English to educate them and introduce them to forex world and help avoid scam! So main Idea for Traders to unite and Help Each Other!

I'm officialy asking FPA if I can put their banner on my site ot no cost obviosly and attachments just to show that we as well represent the honest side of Forex!
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