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Problem instaforex scam exposed

I am having an issue with a company


instaforex have been hard for me to belief the sudden scam they engage with my account lately for the past two weeks now and yet to receive a reply from them.
i have in my forex accounts $562 (1098880) and $53 (1006991) with instaforex, all of a sudden the platform sign me out stating my account as invalid. i contacted instaforex about the matter and they gave me a new password to access the retified error accounts. upon login, my accounts were empty off cash to my surprise. i contact instaforex again and they replied to have transfer the money into my liberty reserve account. but nothing was transfered, i requested for the batch number of that transfer but they didn't provide the batch number. rather referred me to liberty reserve about the issue, and liberty reserve requested for the batch number to clear the issue, which instaforex fail to provide. to me i have been scam by them and for two weeks now i have been contacting them yet they kept on insisting they have made a transfer which i didn't request for a withdrawal and was not alerted by liberty reserve for any transaction to my account. below are the mail contact between instaforex and me:

first mail from me to instaforex on Tue, 31 Jan 2012 14:20:17

"Hello Sir/Ma,
I really need your help on my account cos i could not login again
today and i still use it yesterday..I have contacted all your customer
care and i was told that the account is still very active.More also i
was unable to open up my email address that i use in sigining up this
account..I will like to make use of another email and please never
send me email to that again.I will provide all the details to you now
below that you need to process it for me.
I can not avoid to loss my money on there and please i need you to
help me out so that i can be able to come back to market.Here is the
Information Below:
Trading Account Number: 1098880
Phone Password:********
New Email:eek:nwolu@gmail.com.
I have attached a copy of my ID to it....I will need the new password
that was send to my old email also cos thats what i need to process
I hope to read from you soon..."

first reply mail from instaforex to me on Wed, 1 Feb 2012 05:59:06 -0800 (PST)

"Dear Okasu Nwolu,

Unfortunately, withdrawal request can't be canceled by Fiance
department (233981263 2012.01.30 07:12 balance 562.92 LRU U5777377).
It is successfully completed as the same requisites of payment system
have been used for deposit and withdrawal."

second reply mail from instaforex to me on Thu, 2 Feb 2012 00:28:27 -0800 (PST)

"Dear Okasu Nwolu,

According to information of Finance department withdrawal in amount
562.92 USD has been transferred to LibertyReserve account U5777377 on

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us in
future. Thank you for your letter.

Sincerely yours, Client Service
InstaForex Companies Group

my skype chat with instaforex representative in response to the issue. below is the conversation:

"[31/01/2012 13:33:15] kasbeno okas: Hi instaforex.support! I’d like to add you on Skype. kasbeno okas
[31/01/2012 13:34:09] *** Call to Instaforex support, no answer. ***
[31/01/2012 13:36:54] kasbeno okas: hello
[31/01/2012 13:38:04] Instaforex support: Hello.
[31/01/2012 13:38:09] Instaforex support: Can I help you?
[31/01/2012 13:38:10] Instaforex support: Instaforex support has shared contact details with kasbeno okas.
[31/01/2012 13:38:45] kasbeno okas: pls i can i am having problem with my account
[31/01/2012 13:39:32] kasbeno okas: plsss i am having a problem with my account and i need you to help me
[31/01/2012 13:40:08] Instaforex support: What question do you have?
[31/01/2012 13:40:30] kasbeno okas: yes i tried to access my account and it tell me that i can not access it
[31/01/2012 13:41:03] Instaforex support: Trading account number please/
[31/01/2012 13:41:22] kasbeno okas: ok..it is 1098880..
[31/01/2012 13:43:43] kasbeno okas: are u working on that
[31/01/2012 13:45:12] kasbeno okas: am waiting plssss
[31/01/2012 13:46:39] Instaforex support: what trading server did you use?
[31/01/2012 13:47:32] kasbeno okas: InstaForex-HongKong.com
[31/01/2012 13:48:05] Instaforex support: As I can see your trading accoutn is active and available on the server.
[31/01/2012 13:48:14] Instaforex support: Did you use correct trader's pasword?
[31/01/2012 13:48:53] kasbeno okas: yeah and also i will like to change my email addrress cos now i find it imposible to open now......What help can you do for me?
[31/01/2012 13:53:13] kasbeno okas: what are you saying to that now...am still here
[31/01/2012 13:53:28] kasbeno okas: plsssss answer me
[31/01/2012 13:56:18] kasbeno okas: what u doing?
[31/01/2012 13:56:53] *** Call to Instaforex support, duration 00:28. ***
[31/01/2012 13:57:28] kasbeno okas: am here now
[31/01/2012 13:57:36] kasbeno okas: i was the one calling you
[31/01/2012 13:57:56] Instaforex support: You should send request to support@instaforex.com and provide trading account number, phone password, description of problem, new traders password, new e-mail and scan copy of your ID.
[31/01/2012 13:59:02] kasbeno okas: ok thanks and with that and will i get a reply and also can i mailed them with another new email address
[31/01/2012 13:59:55] Instaforex support: Yes, reply will be sent in 1-2 hours after request receiving.
[31/01/2012 14:00:29] kasbeno okas: ok thanks and i will do that now and also will get back to you..plss stay online for me
[31/01/2012 14:02:31] Instaforex support: Always glad to help you.
[31/01/2012 14:02:41] kasbeno okas: thanks
[31/01/2012 14:09:58] kasbeno okas: plssss sir are you there?
[31/01/2012 14:10:41] kasbeno okas: hello
[31/01/2012 14:11:15] kasbeno okas: I will like to inform you that i can not access my email address to get the new traders password and i dont know if you can help
[31/01/2012 14:13:09] Instaforex support: You need to create new e-mail and send request from your new e-mail.
[31/01/2012 14:34:08] kasbeno okas: i have done that and i have not gotten any reply
[31/01/2012 14:35:06] kasbeno okas: are you therre?
[31/01/2012 14:35:54] Instaforex support: Reply will be send in 1-2 hours after request receiving.
[31/01/2012 14:36:13] kasbeno okas: ok thanks
[31/01/2012 14:39:07] Instaforex support: You are welcome.
[01/02/2012 11:39:58] kasbeno okas: hello
[01/02/2012 11:40:35] *** Call to Instaforex support ***
[01/02/2012 11:44:36] Instaforex support: +2348035368745
[01/02/2012 11:46:11] *** Call ended, duration 05:36 ***
[01/02/2012 15:22:18] kasbeno okas: hello
[01/02/2012 15:23:11] *** Call to Instaforex support ***
[01/02/2012 15:24:37] kasbeno okas: 1098880
[01/02/2012 15:26:09] *** Call ended, duration 02:59 ***
[01/02/2012 15:56:50] kasbeno okas: hello
[01/02/2012 15:57:56] *** Call to Instaforex support ***
[01/02/2012 16:00:03] kasbeno okas: hello
[01/02/2012 16:00:18] kasbeno okas: i can login to my acc
[01/02/2012 16:00:37] kasbeno okas: acc number is 1006991
[01/02/2012 16:01:49] kasbeno okas: my acc name is okasu nwolu gomba
[01/02/2012 16:02:10] Instaforex support: You should send request to support@instaforex.com and provide trading account number, phone password, description of problem, new traders password, new phone passord, new PIN-code and scan copy of your ID.
[01/02/2012 16:03:05] *** Call ended, duration 05:09 ***
[01/02/2012 17:34:28] kasbeno okas: hello
[02/02/2012 06:43:43] Instaforex support: Hello. How can I help you?
[02/02/2012 06:51:30] kasbeno okas: pls i need ur help
[02/02/2012 06:53:34] *** Call to Instaforex support, no answer. ***
[02/02/2012 06:55:59] kasbeno okas: hello
[02/02/2012 07:12:46] *** Call to Instaforex support ***
[02/02/2012 07:13:40] kasbeno okas: 1098880
[02/02/2012 07:15:09] *** Call ended, duration 02:22 ***
[07/02/2012 16:36:32] kasbeno okas: hello
[07/02/2012 16:37:08] Instaforex support: Hello, how can I help you?
[07/02/2012 16:39:46] kasbeno okas: liberty reserve needs the ticket id from me
[07/02/2012 16:40:10] Instaforex support: Could please provide more details regarding this matter?
[07/02/2012 16:51:05] kasbeno okas: the online USD that was transfered frrom instan forex to my liberty reserve account 1098880 on the 31st of january has'nt come even as i write,that's the reason why i reported to customer care......
[07/02/2012 16:51:59] Instaforex support: What is the amount of withdrawal?
[07/02/2012 16:56:11] kasbeno okas: from 1098880 is 562.92 and 1006991 is 53
[07/02/2012 16:57:19] Instaforex support: Informaation is passed to the Finance department for checking. We will get information regarding withdrawal during the working day.
[07/02/2012 16:57:48] kasbeno okas: ok
[07/02/2012 16:58:47] kasbeno okas: i'll be most grateful if due consideration is taken via this issue
[07/02/2012 16:59:18] Instaforex support: Information is checking in the Finance department.
[07/02/2012 17:00:35] kasbeno okas: ok
[09/02/2012 04:40:18] kasbeno okas: hello
[09/02/2012 04:41:35] Instaforex support: Hello, how can I help you?
[09/02/2012 04:42:16] *** Call to Instaforex support ***
[09/02/2012 04:43:28] kasbeno okas: 1098880
[09/02/2012 04:43:41] kasbeno okas: and 1006991
[09/02/2012 04:44:20] *** Call ended, duration 02:03 ***
[09/02/2012 04:46:20] Instaforex support: The working day of the Finance department starts in 2 hours 15 minutes. We will get information regarding your withdrawal after working day starts,. Sorry for delay.
[09/02/2012 06:39:13] kasbeno okas: ok
[09/02/2012 09:47:58] kasbeno okas: hello
[09/02/2012 09:48:24] *** Call to Instaforex support, duration 03:13. ***
[09/02/2012 09:52:17] kasbeno okas: my acc number is 1098880
[09/02/2012 09:52:27] kasbeno okas: and 1006991
[09/02/2012 09:53:32] kasbeno okas: pls i need my money
[09/02/2012 09:59:35] Instaforex support: Information is sent to finance department again.
[09/02/2012 09:59:41] Instaforex support: Kingly ask you to wait.
[09/02/2012 10:00:13] Instaforex support: Also i ask them to make confirmation of this transfer if it is already completed.
[09/02/2012 19:32:39] kasbeno okas: hello
[09/02/2012 19:33:11] Instaforex support: Hello. How can I help you?
[09/02/2012 19:33:42] kasbeno okas: pls my money
[09/02/2012 19:33:45] kasbeno okas: pls
[09/02/2012 19:33:47] kasbeno okas: pls
[09/02/2012 19:33:49] kasbeno okas: pls
[09/02/2012 19:34:44] Instaforex support: Oh, I see, let me check
[09/02/2012 19:35:39] kasbeno okas: i need my money
[09/02/2012 19:36:19] kasbeno okas: or u loss all nigerias on instaforex
[09/02/2012 19:38:14] Instaforex support: Please provide us screen from your LR account that you didn't receive this payment
[09/02/2012 19:39:05] kasbeno okas: U5777377
[09/02/2012 19:39:32] kasbeno okas: I NEED my money oooooooooo
[09/02/2012 20:01:39] *** Call to Instaforex support, no answer. ***
[09/02/2012 20:02:07] *** Call to Instaforex support, no answer. ***"

due to the response from their support system i was provoke to scream out my forex history scam from my trusted forex broker instaforex which broke my heart to hear this issue go out of hand. please i need this issue trash out before i scream out further in offline papers. if possible their representative should come and prove the case on ground. i am from nigeria and if this issue was between a nigerian forex broker, the world would call us scammers. let asia come out to prove her trusted worth wherein her production is stealing by false pretence from me the sum of $53 + $562 = $615 (worth #110,700 lr exchange $1 @ #180). am calling the help of my fellow forex traders to help in this matters, in my currency this money is a big sum (one hundred and ten thousand seven hundred naira)
my phone number is +2348035368745 and email is 'onwolu@gmail.com' and skype is 'kasbeno okas' and yahoo messenger is 'nokasu' and facebook is 'nwolu okasu'. you can contact me for further proof
thank you.


Brigadier General
Send them another email. Tell them that LR requires the batch number to investigate. CC someone at LR support. If Insta doesn't provide the information, make sure to let LR know that they refuse to provide this information. If enough people complain of issues like this, they could easily end up losing their ability to use LR.


Master Sergeant
for some reason everywhere I look there is an instaforex issue man it more like a downhill ride for this broker :(


Instaforex not instant withdraw ? it will sent u a email like below

Dear xxxxxxxx,

You have submitted the request for withdrawal from account xxxxxx

Date 2/29/2012

Time (GMT +2) 1:52 AM

Payment system: liberty account xxxxxxx.

Total amount 550.00 USD.
In order to cancel the withdrawal request please fill in the form on the “Withdrawal request cancellation” page.
You can cancel the withdrawal request only before the Finance Department processes it.
Clients Service

If you have any questions you can make a phone call using one of the Instaforex Toll free numbers right now:
USA and Canada 1-888-472-1855
UK 0-808-120-1991
Switzerland 0-800-898-548
Malaysia 1-800-882-528
Indonesia 001-803-017-910
Georgia 822-140-799
Kazakhstan 8-800-080-5553
Ukraine 0800-500-329
Other countries +7-4012-763-051, +7-4012-751-961
Start making profit with InstaForex right now!
Contact Information:
Western Guarantor
236022, Teatralnaya 30, 5th floor
Kaliningrad, Russia
E-mail: support@instaforex.com
Web: Forex | Online Forex Trading | Currency Trading | Forex Broker



brother simply u have to contact to verisign.. they are responsible for your funds.. give them all detail and they will pay u back for sure.


Brigadier General
Verisign verifies SSL certificates. I don't see how they could be considered to be responsible for deposits and withdrawals of companies that use HTTPS protocol.

Still, a complaint there might at least cause abusive companies to lose some security certificates that can be used to lure in unsuspecting victims. It never hurts to try.


Funny, instaforex.com saying that forexpeacearmy.com is the Scam. instaforex.com/forexpeacearmy.php


Brigadier General
That's because the scammers at InstaFraudex will do anything they can to damage the FPA's reputation to hide the truth of what they do to traders. Read the scam finding on InstaForex and see how they promised evidence that 2 traders were really one person - and they "proved it" by repeatedly saying they already proved it.

Master Yoda

Funny, instaforex.com saying that forexpeacearmy.com is the Scam. instaforex.com/forexpeacearmy.php

FPA doesn't hold anyone's money- Insta does. And here is the biggest difference.

The forums (not just in FPA) is full of stories of people who claim that Insta scammed them


Thanks for the reply,
I have made some further invistigation, and have contacted the Danish regulation authority(on the phone), wish I trust 110%, in their site, I searched for instaforex.com. and their is issiued a worning on this broker.
this is the danish regulation site, Advarsler fra andre tilsynsmyndigheder (this is worning from other authorities outside Denmark)
that's it, I will not toutch this broker.

Best regards