Instaforex total scam. Do not waste your time


Hello. I want to warn you that do not waste your time with this culprit person who is claiming to run instaforex. It is not a company. Only a no of culprit running the website and some greedy people are attached with them from different location of world which they called their offices (totally lier) Hell for them . My account with them was 770312 . I had deposited 20 dollars and turned those dollars into 7762 dollars in 6 months. they tried much to beat me but they lose. When i sent them withdrawal they cancel all the profit by error order of 1450 dollars, rebate cancelled of 2400 dollars and rest are cancelled by point 5.12 which relates to news tradings. I told them how can you put point 5.12? you can see i have traded more than 2700 trades in different times and different pairs and in normal market conditions. mostly more long term trades, that took more than 2 days opened but they were unable to satisfy me. Now they are not giving my profit and saying to withdraw your own money which is 20 dollar. I have losted in many times more than 1000 dollars and now I have won but they are not giving me that money. Please admin see this case. I Can not attach the history of my all trades as it only opens in browser and also history is more than (1 MB) Admin please help here so that all the proof should be infront of every one that insta is totally scam..


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
Did you trade with them again? The FPA labeled InstaForex as a scam in 2009. You posted in the thread about that in 2011...

You wrote...

Scam, Scam, Scam

Hi friends
I am mentioning here something about this dame company. They are real scam. Do not deposit your money with them. If someone is favoring them then do not listen to that, only see, how many are here against this bloody idiot company. I am trading with them for 6 months but i have seen lot of problem with them and finally i have decided to show what are the scamming techniques they are using.

1. They will not give you the money more than 10% of your initial deposit. I earn some nice profit but when i check my account, they withdraw all the profit from my account and said this is company policy.

2. Too many requotes. You can not close your position until you are in loss

3. Same whenever you want to open your position then they will see first and will hold your order, if they see i will get loss then they will open my position and if they see i will be benefited then they will not open my position and will hold for a long time. I have nothing to do, only cancel my order. Do not think about them good if you open 3,4 orders in time. Look them for a long time

4. They are not justice. Let, if i am closing the selling position at 1.44100, first there system will hold it for long time, and if during this time price move to 1.44000 then they will close my position at 1.44100 mean i am not getting the benefit of next 10 pips. In the same case if price moves to 1.44200 then they will close my position at 1.44200, mean I am again losing 10 more pips. what the hell with this injustice?

5. Forget about trading with them at the times of news, If you will win any trade one time then in next trade, they will slip your order and will close your order after a big loss of your account. You can not do during that time except watching the account going to close. you will reply these messages at that time ,
" no connection"
" invalid prices"
"off quotes" etc. Again scam

6. If you want to contact with them then they will reply, we are sorry, you complain has been forwarded, this is company policy etc, they do not want to solve the problem

7. Forget about withdraw of big amounts. Like more than 1k$. I think only 1-2 cases they solve to run their company.

so my friend do not invest your money with them, Too many problems with them. Too many