Instructions for CapitalOneForex clients having troubles withdrawing their funds + General informati

Lot of time I'm not writing here.....

Only to let all you know that I'm still working hard to get back my USD 30K, I'm working "underground" (through some "special" means an helps), so I cannot reveal more here.

I'll only let you know here when I'll finally get back ALL my money and after have seen, with my eyes, put Samir "the bastard" Beool, Enrico Falchi, Makcim Salackav and all the gangs, in a ****ing jordan (but not only) jail!


My name ; Nwakama Richard Onyeka
My Phone : +2348034830442
My Capitaloneforex Account ; 110855
My Email :komolafeb22 (at)

When I First Request withdraw from account MT4 Username 110855
But when I first made withdraw i contact support center through chat
then told me to complete 5lot But after I complete the 5lot I request
withdrawal again

I am trying to chat the support center but they said you have been
baned what is the
reason for that and they closed the chat no other response again
They seize my fund and profit and not respond again why
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just follow the steps asstmoderator and pharaho have given above closely and word by word, please.

I would just like to add that it is important not to stop email conversation with the other side if they continue to do this .

Please, also check if you local laws -(maybe Nigeria??? Maybe anywhere else???) - allow you to tape record phone calls.

If you are a real victim which I simply assume you can also run a search for the broker you have named, against this webpage and you will very find somewhere among the 170 or so very soon amazingly detailled information about what all of this might be about or how dark it might turn out to be in the end - (hope you have not already lost too much money.).

best lz.