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Please Read and Follow All Instructions

If you are having trouble getting your funds back from NRG Binary...

1. Do not file an FPA Traders Court Case at this time. is already considered to be a Scam by the FPA. No new cases will go to a vote unless the Scam Finding is lifted.

If you follow the rest of these instructions correctly, your issue will be considered to be part of the current Scam Finding.

2. If you cannot get your money out of NRGBinary and have not already left a review, Click Here and submit a review. In general, an extended delay on withdrawing money qualifies for a 1 star rating.

3. If you cannot get your money out of NRG Binary and have not already opened your own personal thread in the Scam Alerts Folder, Click Here and then look for a big green button that says + Post New Thread If you don't see it, try logging in to your FPA Forums account first. If you don't have one, go ahead and sign up.

If your thread ends up in the moderation queue, please wait until it's approved before doing item 5 (below). The moderation queue is generally checked at least once each trading day, usually shortly after the Asian session begins. Since reviews can take up to 5 business days to be approved, don't wait for the review to be approved.

4. Send an email to every address you can find for and include...

A. Your account number
B. The amount of money you believe you are owed.
C. The date when the first failure to process your withdrawal request happened.
D. A request that all discussions and negotiations of your issue be done exclusively by email and never by phone.
E. Ask what other information is needed to access your funds.

5. After you have submitted a review, started a thread in Scam Alerts, and emailed NRG Binary, make a post in this thread. Include...

A. Your account number
B. The amount of money you believe you are owed.
C. The date when the first failure to process your withdrawal request happened.
D. The date and name on your submitted review (item 2, above).
E. A link to your Scam Alerts thread (item 3, above).
F. The date you most recently emailed NRGBinary (item 4, above).

If your post doesn't follow the instructions, I reserve the right to delete it with no notice to you.

6. Please recheck this post at least once per month. I may add or change some instructions. I don't have time to track down and email each person individually.

7. Please leave a followup post if anything changes. Please post immediately if anyone from NRG Binary...

A. Calls you. The FPA recommends keeping all communications with the company in email.
B. Tries to convince you to accept less than the amount you are legitimately owed, especially if it's "accept this or get nothing."
C. Asks you to post any followup in the forums or reviews declaring your issue to be resolved before any money owed to you is received on your end.

8. If you do all of this correctly, the FPA will consider your issue as part of the Scam Finding against NRG Binary. Your issue will need to be dealt with before the Scam Finding can be lifted.

For those wanting to provide information about NRG Binary...

For all posts, evidence is strongly desired. Hundreds of rumors are less valuable than one documented fact.

If you have any information about current or former owners, employees, or associates of, please post it here.

Any information about the company's structure, registration, regulatory action, etc. is welcome.

Serious suggestions about where clients can file formal complaints with law enforcement and regulators are welcome. I don't think the CIA or MI5 really care about client issues with a forex broker, so please don't make list with suggestions like this.

External links are fine, but please also attach screenshots.

Internal links to threads in Scam Alerts are also fine. Please include a summary, not just "click here for information". Or, you can repost the original information here. If you aren't the original author, include a link to the source and say who the original author is.

For everyone...

Be aware that I consider the Wholesale Forex Complaints folder to be a strongly "on-topic" area.

The topic of this thread is NRG Binary and anyone or anything linked to NRG Binary. I sincerely hope that this will result in more traders being able to recover their funds. Off-topic discussions in this thread will make that less likely to happen.

If some unrelated forex company gave you a problem, please talk about it in the Scam Alerts Folder, not here.

A small amount of banter related to the main topic is permissible. Just don't let it distract from the main topic.

Off-topic posts will be removed without warning or notice. Repeat offenders will lose their access to this folder.

Anyone attempting to engage in commercial activities in this thread will be immediately fed to Spam Cat. Spam Cat is always hungry.

If you aren't sure if something belongs here, use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page and select General Questions.


FPA Forums and Reviews Admin
I'm going to borrow some of Pharaoh's advice from another thread in the Wholesale Forex Complaints folder. Pharaoh said...

"I'd like to add a few suggestions.

Gather all possible evidence. Your account statements, any emails, etc. If you deposited or withdrew by wire, get that banking info (and post it in this thread). Get screenshots of any terms and conditions too.

File a complaint with - Your site for cross-border complaints. Be aware that eConsumer itself doesn't take action. What it does do is collect complaints and make all the information available to police and regulators around the world.

Ask your bank and local police if there is any agency in your country that deals with online financial fraud complaints. If there is, please share the information here.

Before saying "police and regulators don't do anything", consider that police and regulators CAN'T do anything without enough evidence to act on. If you call the police or a regulator and just shout "I got SCAMMED! Get my money back NOW!", this will be useless. Instead, if you provide a detailed report with evidence, it could be the final piece of the puzzle needed to take action.

If you deposited by credit card and can't make a withdrawal of money in your account, try this:

1. Get screenshots of anything about how long withdrawals should take.
2. Get screenshots showing the deposit going into your account as well as the current balance/equity in your account.
3. Call the credit card's issuing bank.
4. Ask to speak to the fraud department.
5. Carefully explain the situation. Make sure to explain that the services provided by a broker include deposit, trading, and withdrawal. Be clear that you are being denied a withdrawal for money that is in your account and this is a failure of the service.
6. Ask if a chargeback is an option.
7. If the person can't give you a clear answer, politely ask for a supervisor.

Note that a chargeback can only recover money deposited. If you made profits, it cannot recover those funds.

Don't give up. Dragging things out and keeping money owed is the oldest scam in the book. The sad fact is that a scammer can borrow $100 from each of 100 different people ($10,000 total). If he gives delays and excuses for a couple of months, many of the people will give up. If he drags it out for 6 months, chances are that over half will give up. Now he can either keep delaying or else can pay back the remaining people and pocket over half the money. Imagine if the amount of cash per person is larger and the number of people is larger. This goes from being a simple one person rip-off and becomes the business model of deposit-only brokers.

Scammers want you to give up. Scammers want you to think that filing complaints with police and regulators is useless. People who do this only help to keep the scammers in business so they can scam more innocent victims."


Thanks for creating this thread. I'll post the required information to add my case to this issue. My account number with NRG is 65560. I am owed $3217.8, which is the remaining balance of my account. All my funds, no bonus. After having just come out of a stressful and very delayed withdrawal issue, I decided to withdraw the majority of my capital. I put in a request for $2200, on the 03/09/14. I put another $200 withdrawal request on the 05/09/14. Towards the end of the month I realised nothing was happening, and so decided to fully withdraw all my funds, so I made a request on the 28/09/14 for a $817.80 withdrawal. This in total adds to $3217.8, which is the total amount of my balance. The date my first withdrawal request failed to happen was the day I made it I suppose, with the weeks following. I received an email from support on the 01/10/2014, stating that I would probably not receive with withdrawal to the bonus policy not being met. This is ridiculous as there is no bonus capital in my account, so I assume this is stalling tactics. I have had no word from, who helped me step by step in my last case. Very odd, and shows selectiveness. I believe once they realised I wanted to withdraw all my capital, they ceased communication.

With these problems here, I decided to make a review and scam post here in hopes of drawing attention to my case. My review was made on the 08/10/14, under Ben, New Zealand. Here is the link to my scam alerts threat, made on the 09/10/14:

I most recently emailed NRG again today on the 21/10/14, with all my information details, what I was owed, etc. I have emailed them multiple times since the beginning of September. I emailed on the 14/10/2014 to my account manager, Lance and support, asking them to join my scam alert thread and get involved in discussion. My account manager is no longer responding. Support only responded that once, and Lance G has not responded at all. I really hope I can bring some awareness and get this sorted!


Have had additional encounters with NRG lately regarding this case. I was called by NRG a couple weeks ago, by a new account manager named "Dave Bryce". He said Michael, my old manager had 'family issues' and he would now take over being my account manager. I had to go through the whole process of explaining what was wrong with my account again, and asked him to help me. He said he would 'take care of it'. I asked him to email me straight away confirming this and he said he would. He never ended up emailing me. When I called him back a few days later he didn't even remember me. I hassled him so he gave me his skype, from which he asked a few questions and asked for the email thread that showed all the capital in my account was mine. After I sent the email (and I asked multiple times for an email to be sent back, which didn't happen) he broke contact with me. Twice he said ask support, they will help you. I contacted support yet again and they tried to tell me I couldn't withdraw due to the bonus policy.

Obviously, there is a disconnect of information here and they are trying to withhold my funds. Support hasn't replied since the 28/11/2014, from where they said I would not receive my funds. Dave Bryce is also not talking to me. This seems to be another attempt using delaying tactics, hoping I will just give up.


here are my details:
account number: 100404,
deposit and date: $250
Available balance:$190 (lost $60)
Date of first withdrawal request: 3rd November
Date of 2nd withdrawal request: 6th November
Date of Last contact: 15th November ( invited them to forum)

i started a thread on my complaint of unremitted withdrawals via this link:

i made a review via this link: Titan Trade | Binary Options Broker Reviews | Forex Peace Army on 22nd of November

my case files with all screen shots are available via this link:

i have filed complaints at econsumer, Cysec and filed a card dispute form at my bank. it is sad that i do not live in America or UK, where at least there are regulatory agencies that can at least try something on ones behalf.


hi all,
one of the contacts at TITANTRADE who was supposed to be my trading coach cum broker, Kevin Wilson wrote me holiday greetings using a new email and company profile: ALGOCAPITALS. here is the screen shot of the email address. algocapital management.jpg
this should be added to the list of affiliates of TITANTRADE & NRGBinary.


hi, i just saw that the guy who recommended TITANTRADE on his website has now launched a new website: DisputeZone.ORG - Get your Money Back Today!Dispute Zone, to settle issues with brokers, his "recommended" brokers inclusive. here are screen shots of the website and the google+ notification confirming that he owns it. however, he requires a $25, minimum deposit BEFORE you can file a complaint. PLEASE BEWARE, if you paid a donation to charity to get his signal feeds, manual or otherwise and now have to pay another "donation" just so that he can mediate for you with his recommended brokers, you are in for a joyride. see screen shots.
mike freeman owner of , mike freeman dispute  website.jpg
They scammed me for $5000. My deposits total $12000, with $6000 made though Visa master card & $6000 made through wire transfer. When I requested a $11000 withdrawal, after GREAT many emails & requests SOMEHOW this got approved by the account manager but STILL they sent just the $6000 as 'return' on the card. The $5000 (which was to be sent by wire) NEVER reached my bank. They kept on saying they're "investigating" this case....and their live chat kept on postponing this to next 2-3 business days, saying "they'll forward this to their financial department"....and then again next 2-3 days...and again....this went on for FOUR MONTHS! IMAGINE! This ITSELF proves that their financial department INTENTIONALLY doesn't want to send the funds back & nothing else.
Lexi28, Thank you for advertising my new 3rd part mediation service Dispute Zone. You failed to mention that the service is purely donation based, $25 minium to any charity organization you choose to donate to. I do work with several brokers as an affiliate, you think I am working for free? I didn't write (with the help of my guest bloggers) over 300 articles on strategies and indicators in the last 3 years for free. My donation initiative, in which I helped raise over $100,000 can be easily verified, contact the charities and they'll let you know. I can forward you emails and a video they made for me (not a Fiverr video).. I helped one charity raise over $20,000. How much did you donate this year? Go on and pass judgment but there's nothing wrong with helping traders get their money back from brokers I work with and from brokers I don't work with.. the service is there to help victims of many companies, including over a 100 brokers that I am not affiliated with. It's a donation based 3rd party service by someone, me, with some experience and connections in the industry. Name a better person to handle these complaints.. All I see is a bunch of lies, affiliate wars, positive and negative reviews posted on the same sites, all kinds of weird stuff..The campaigns demonizing me, also with the use of blasphemy which some readers might find very offensive, are purely despicable and deserve no comment. It's funny how that website bashing the brokers who work from Israel and me, is also working and getting paid by brokers who are located in Israel. They also offered me to be a guest blogger before they started to post lies on me and use others (probably people from Fiverr) to post lies on me. I have an email to prove people, you all know my email, I'll show you the email by Alex, the owner of the forum behind the lies. Anyway, DisputeZone.ORG is a good cause and anyone who thinks otherwise, can make a left turn..walk 500 feet .. then turn right.. walk another 200 feet. and hit your head on the wall when you reach your goal. Great website! I have nothing else to say...just another foolish attack, the only one I decided to respond to and the only one I ever will. Life is busy.


Thank you for the response. it was timely. I am very grateful that you did. i have written you emails since December about the need to re-evaluate your recommendation of TITANTRADE, i left messages on Facebook and Google + since when i had issues with TITANTRADE- i received no replies from either you or Titantrade. At the time i deemed it impossible to ever collect my money. i stumbled across very bad reviews of TITANTRADE on some websites and posted that link on your google + account ( if you had the time to go through it). i did not get a reply either.

On your new website, you did not say that the donation was optional- if you did i would make it clear that you did and i was in the wrong, but as it is you stated that one should post evidence of the donation AND submit his complaint. i was quite surprised to see your google + message asking me to go ahead and post a complaint. in fact i was overjoyed. BUT to make things clear state it so: DONATIONS ARE WELCOME AND OPTIONAL IT HELPS KEEP THE SERVICE GOING!!!

Your experience with TITANTRADE may be nice because you are popular and well to do, but what about the faceless victims from countries who have no regulatory body that can help? people who saved their hard-earned money, hoping that by using your signals they would be finally able to lift their head financially? what happens when they are scammed and then the mentor who recommended them holds his peace? i know you may be busy -and rich but if the intentions are still to help people and not just charities- you owe it to yourself to check out these comments , reviews and help. you may wish to search for Titantrade reviews and read the case filed in the CASE PREPARATION FOLDER, check my case files against TITANTRADE. see if i had any intention to tarnish your name. read my comments, i stated the fact: you had not responded to the posts nor emails, in over a month! your may also wish to read comments of a user from Canada, who had problems with TITANTRADE too, her words are posted in the titantrade review folder. here is the link to the thread:

In the event that the brokers are unresponsive, you may wish to use your influence and connections to expose them, i rightly read that you de-listed 24options from you list of recommended brokers because of withdrawal issues, pending when such cases are resolved. all i asked you, if you took the time to read the posts made your google+ account, is change your review on the broker based on cases a rising from their services. so that others do not make the same mistake.

I am NOT against any initiative to help charities, but when people who make such donations are scammed by brokers supposedly recommended by a person they trust, the onus is on you to show that you recommeded them in all honesty as at the time you joined them. simple. i repeat, HAVE NEVER made any other post about you to any other website as this was the only website where i was given advice as to how to proceed and i thank everyone on the forum for this.

In conclusion, take the time, search the net, and check the links on this website for titantrade, see for yourself. the are just another broker gone bad.

Have a nice day.