Interactive Trade Hong Kong

Tim Struwig

In February 2011 I invested with Interactive Trade Hong Kong approxiamatley
US$25000.00 I then lost my employment in March 2011 since then I have have requested a payout and keep being informed the rule is I need to pay a 30% release fee to get my investment back. I have the feeling this is a fraudulent investment broker and they are trying to get more finance from me.
I have all the documented payments I have made and the invoices and emails from Interactive Trade. but no luck in getting the payout.
Please let me know wher I stand thanks.


action needed, Tim

Hi Tim Struwig,

Interactive Trade is most probably an operation of a large boiler room fraud scheme. Please, visit There you can find instructions, what to do in your situation. There is a long way ahead of us. However we can stop the bastards. Most importantly, inform the relevant Financial Intelligence Unit (for a list of them see List of Members | The Egmont Group) according to the location of the "clearing" accounts (Malta? P.R. China?), the bastard used for collection of your money. And immediately prepare an official criminal complaint.