Interbank Fx Scam

Burnt by broker

Hello, I have a question and need some advice
I am running my EA on 3 different platforms (different brokers).
Last week a very strange thing happened:
The trade was executed on GPB/USD Pair.
All three platforms opened the trade simultaneously. During the night 28/6/2010 Broker A closed my trade on Stop Loss while according to my calculations the market was at least 6-7 pips away from the S.L.
Also on the other platforms the trade remained open until hitting the take profit next day. I suspect that broker A triggered a price in order to burn me (maybe also the others) on the S.L.

I have contacted the dealing room support of Broker A and they haven’t provided me a proper explanation as to why on the other platforms the lowest price is 6-7 pips away from their platform and they refused to refund back my losses or to compensate me in any way…

What am I able to do as they are not responding to any of my emails?