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I have been approached by a Julian Bennet by phone promising big money etc. (old boiler room rhetoric). Then he sent me emails. There was a link to which opened instead of He also sent me a Skype request. The photo he uses is positively not of himself but from a person called 'Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten". It smells to me ...
A good rule to follow is that no good investments needs to be advertised by cold calls.
is FX-peace army a regulated company,? how old is it ? how gnuine it is ? they call the -clients of Sky Fx , who lost their money , telling that they will provide risk free trading, and recover their lost money ? is it true.
Have had several calls over the months from who later in the conversation refer to claiming they are regulated under Cysec 257/14, Glistentree Holdings Ltd.

The Glistentree Holdings Ltd webside at makes no mention to

I have made several attempts to contact Glistentree Holdings Ltd for confirmation, but they have never got back to my emails or answered their phone. has also attempted to get me to sign up on, this may be a scam related to the same group that got de-regulated, and have went by the name at that time.

It seems to me that group has abandoned their site and moved their team to instead. Either way, I suggest being careful with this group as they all seem to be somehow interrelated. Unless Glistentree Holdings Ltd at makes a statement on their site, that is infact regulated, I would be very cautious.
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Hi Just wanted to post an update to this thread.

I just lost my mother and so thinking I was getting back into things I was thinking well if these guys claim to make 2 - 5% per week then to try a small amount as I am not in the right frame of mind to trade at the moment.

I had a quick check through the fraud related investment scams etc and could not find a thing against ForexPrime.COM nor the Broker web site and at first glance the sites looked good. The contacted me with direct calls with the possibility of skype. They also did remote screen access - I only allowed them to view but not take over my PC.

I had been told that they are FCA regulated UK. But I asked them to confirm this via email and discovered that some of their official emails came back as UNKNOWN at server ! Then teh support email failed also and I suspect that they may be cloning or piggybacking off some other site. FX-Inter also do Plain Vanilla white label versions for their 'partners.' to add their branding.

So started with a small $ 2,000 account but the guy - I wont say any names yet - said that he will have 3 risk free trades - a great concept as you can bet your house on these kinda trades - as long as I invest another $ 3,000 so making a total of 5,000 Euros. So I thought that makes sense and they said they make it up to $ 10,000.

Well the two trades they had in mind would have worked but were against my rules so I did not take them.

3 days later I get a call from another guy who checks my account and says getting the BONUS is not a sensible option as its almost impossible to satisfy the trading conditions to get the winnings ad that 'd be better off not having the bonus but instead adding another $5000 to my account and then I would get a single risk free trade.

At this point I took more time and it appears that they claimed UK office is virtual as there is no record of any office being at the location - perhaps they have a post forwarding service as well as a LONDON telephone number forwarding or spoofing facility. The back ground sounds seem to indicate a Mediterranean climate.

Well I asked for a refund direct and after that was bounced from their support email address I tried their pring and sign their form and upload it.

They said 10 days to do the bank transfer but it was done in 3 days so not too bad and I lost out on the currency conversion about £ 300 - about $500 plus all the hassle and heartache.

They clearly are not operatng legally in the UK and if they disappeared with 50 successful client accounts then that could easily be in the few million $ scale if not tens of millions.

Please note that I had made no trades in this period and things may have been very different if I had and esp if I had take their bonus offer or even a trade risk free or otherwise.

So they may be regulated somewhere in Europe but not the UK. It may be that they are ignorant of teh laws here in the UK but they did tell e that they were UK regulated which they are not. So misleading / Fraudulent in multiple ways.

Be alert and stay with well established Brokers.

The risk free trades may be risk free for the broker but perhaps not for the investor! I do not know but I was surprised at how easily I was duped. I am still not well enough to trade if I cannot do the simple things in life !

Hope this helps.

Safe and prosperous trading to one and all.
The moment there was any question about whether the claim of FCA registration was true, you should have held back from sending them a cent. Instead, an email to the FCA would have been the proper course of action.

If you deposited by credit card, a call to the fraud department of your card's issuing bank is a good idea. Report back about what they say.

Letting the FCA and ActionFraud know about this would also be a good idea.