Help Wanted Introducing Brokers for High Frequency Trading Software Company


Forex Currency Trading Online Ltd. (FCTOFX) is a company at the forefront of managed online Forex trading software: Providing one of the most valuable API-FIX spot trading products in the market.

Our HFT (High Frequency Trading) software solution produces an average monthly return of 11.71% with an average monthly drawdown of just 2.75% on a 10K account. Also producing a monthly volume of 0.8 yard (8000 lots) per 1 million of the base currency. Besides the high return and low risk profile, offered by the FCTOFX HFT product, the trading volume produced by this product is also excellent. All of this makes FCTOFX HFT one of the best trading algorithms in the Forex market today.

We have recently begun a partnership program, giving Introducing Brokers the opportunity to offer our products to their client base. What stands us apart from the competition is simply longevity, as clients who use our software are seeing consistent profit they tend to stay and our partner IBs are paid throughout the duration of a clients lifetime using our software.

I might be barking up the wrong tree here and if so I appologise but if any of you are interested in this opportunity and you wish to know more information regarding rebates etc. please feel free to contact me