Introduction of self to the forum.

edward ugeru

I am mr. edward ugeru. from delta state of nigeria. I am an engineer/teacher. I worked at delta steel company ltd.aladja near warri, between 1980-1995. I left there when the company was redundant. I am engaged at post-primary education board asaba, as a teacher, and posted to sapele town,where I live now. I teach physics at the senior secondary school in sapele. I possess an HND,BSC,ACE. I have read about forex trading, in the success Digest Extra! I seek your assistance to trade forex successfully. what-ever ebook.or materials you have to give to me,. I shall be gratefully to you guys when I meet you at the top. my e-mail: Tel:08053177965; 08034181370. I am 55 years of age. Thanks.


Introduction of self.

I am a Nigerian from Rivers State and i am a
minister of thegospel of christ for about 15yrs now. I discovered Forex trade through succuss digest and i picked interest and would like to get better help and understanding from you .Whatever you can do to help me become a successful trader do. thanks .


Helping My African Brothers

Hmm... Im Kola by name, i reside in Lagos, i have got to know about forex some little time back now, so i have been trying to get all possible and available knowledge of it... so i can say i know alittle bit of it now.

Hmm... i think you can buy a book online to get started with, go to and you will have to pay with credit card and thats where the problems kicks in since we dont have credit card available for all us just like that... so you need to go open a Domiciliary account and you could request for a master card from the bank that you open your Domiciliary account with and then you could use the credit card to purchase the e-book online from, even when you go to learn it here in Nigeria, the pro's dont get to teach you all you need to know.

I hope this could help alittle.


Unless BabyPips added another book, don't worry about it. The book I saw listed was just their free online lessons in pdf form.


hi,let us maitain the spirit of the founder of fpa

hi,i am Anthony from Anambra State but based here in Lagos.i have being in forex for 5 yrs but honestly i am scared of losing my hard earned money.With this i have being trading only on demo account.But just last night towards the end of year 2011,i read a news article posted by crasy cat,i discovered why my confidence was not strong enough to trade on real account.Right now am warming up to fund and start trading for good.i have being trading on betonmarket .and to Gods be the glory i think it is good.
please in the high spirit of the founder of fpa,lets us explain and tell our selfs simple truth as far as trading forex is concern.U CAN REACH ME ON 08035922707