Introduction to Sive's Forex Professional Weekly Signals and Analysis

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When forex brokers try to talk people into trading, they usually talk about how much money gets traded each day. The total is several trillion dollars worth of currency.

What brokers don't tell you is that most of the money is traded by banks. Banks trade forex in anticipation of the currencies their customers will need. Banks also trade forex for the same reason you do, to try to make a profit.

Sive Morten is an expert economist. He has traded forex at a European bank for 10 years. Part of his job is to prepare special reports on anticipated currency moves each week. Somehow, the FPA's Supreme Admin has talked him into very sharing part of that information with the FPA each week.

Like all market analysis and trading signals, the FPA recommends observing first. If you like them then you can start trading small lot sizes.

Please join me in welcoming Sive to the FPA.
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