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2 Content Update


I'm Lawrence, the founder of

The statements mentioned on the InvesticsFX introduction page have been edited and now reads:
"Investors can invest their money in our forex manager account for high return on their investment targeting the range of 25% to 100% per month."
"Our trading style here is scalping with conservative to semi-aggressive approach to trading and 1-5% equity rule in force such that capital preservation is taken into consideration before profit and so, investors can be rest assured that they would not loose their capital in a hurry."

The actual performance can be above or below target and I begun implementing the second statement around mid-March 2010. I have set my sight at hitting the million dollar mark during the year.

Please accept my apologies for any misconception resulting from the earlier statement.

I truly hope that investors find a viable investment vehicle through InvesticsFX, thank you.


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