Sometimes it comes down to the transfer method. If you sent using Visa or Mastercard (debit or credit), some fraud protection is automatically part of the deal. Since I'm not in the UK, I'm not sure what other forms of fraud protection may be applicable.

Please check the wording of the attachment. A bank investigated and is so SURE that it's fraud that they have implemented the fraud protection mechanism. Banks don't like to do this sort of thing unless they are certain. They don't want to hand someone 5k and then say "Ooops, that was the real deal, so please give us our money back."

Unless that attached message itself is fake, I'd say this is a huge nail in the coffin of any dreams that Dec might have been legit.
I’ve been sitting on the fence since all this started and kind of living in hope but I am now well aware we’ve all had our pants pulled right off!!!

Although I only invested a few 100 quid, pooled together with friends and family it amounted to over 80K. But because I drew £5000 out Lloyds told me it wasn’t a scam.

Also been told that Decs dad trained DC Banks in this field. How true this is I don’t know but it doesn’t make me feel too confident either. If there is any truth to it wouldn’t his dad know exactly what to tell Dec, how to act and what to say? The plot thickens…..


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Will a bank refund me the money I've lost through a stocks and shares isa held with them?... no they won't!
Would the bank reimburse me if I lent money to someone who decided not to pay me back ?... no they won't!
Will the bank refund me money lost to investing 4 u ... no they wont ! Why would they?
stocks and shares at all time highs, your banks been scamming you bro


I'm not sure how that's relevant.
My isa has performed very well thank you!
If it hadn't performed well I wouldn't have expected my bank to reimburse the losses.
Absolutely it's the risk you take with the markets,people's issues with this is that it a scam and has been all along