What has the bank said to these people when giving money back , sounds crazy. If I paid money and signed a contract, tto invest and then that money goes into limbo because of a police Investigation, why should the bank pay me that money back . Before investigation is even concluded. ?
They told me it was a "push scam" whatever that is and refunded half my investment.. I know other who have had more than half back


Some people i know have had refunds via hsbc, if the bank accept it as a push scam they will potentially refund half, this isnt from i4u accounts its from the banks own funds and to be treated as a gesture of goodwill, I personally tried after a good friend got a 50 percent refund but mine wasn’t accepted as the police investigation isnt complete and the bank claimed my circumstances suggested it was a civil dispute rather than a push scam. Its worth speaking to your bank and seeing what they suggest, but seems hit and miss who gets what.


I'm sure plenty of people got the same email but the highlights this month from Humberside Police.

  • A number of people have contacted Humberside Police in regard to I4U.
  • There are multiple lines of inquiry.
  • The Libertex account is one line of inquiry, however, they operate outside the jurisdiction of English Law which makes things time-consuming to obtain evidence. Humberside Police have to operate on evidence.
  • No updates on Libertex until Humberside Police gather evidence on the Libertex account until they have information in evidential format.
  • No timeline can currently be given on the investigation.
  • If you wish you may contact the companies solicitors ( JMW Solicitors, 1 Byrom Place, Manchester, M3 3HG - 0345 872 6666)
  • If you need to contact Humberside Police in regards to assistance with your wellbeing please do so otherwise they will not respond outside of the monthly update timeframe.
  • Humberside Police encourage people not to speculate on the facts of the case until they have provided evidential updates.