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Problem Investor warning - 'Lehman Brothers' is back :) t/a Shearson Lehman Banking Investment

I am having an issue with a company

Scam Reporters

Sergeant Major
We find this investor warning a little bit funny and weird. Stumbled across it on LinkedIn, so we don't take credit for other people's findings:


But we feel it is important to share it here as well. You never know, you might get a call/deal offer from no other then Lehman Brothers, apparently from USA, but in fact from Pakistan

At this point, we are not really certain it's a scam or just a pathetic attempt to harvest the collapsed Lehman Brothers name we all know well, from the past. However, the actual purpose of this warning is NOT to label a potential scam, but to warn a potential investor to double check everything before investing money. And you shall see why.

Apparently , Lehman Brothers, the investment giant is back :eek:! In a form of Shearson Lehman Banking Investment. No verified incorporation in any jurisdiction. New strategic partnership, maybe.
Btw, this logo:
:oops: Can this name be even used?

Website: https://www.shearsonlehmanbrothers.com/


As you can clearly see, their website appeals to 'their' century of presence on the markets, thus implying directly they are a 'sequel' of Lehman Brothers, without any proof of what so ever. This is a blatant lie and possibly a financial offence, agreed? Lastly, Lehman's was dissolved and done with, anyone can verify that. Another name they harvest, Shearson, is apparently US based Shearson Financial Services LLC, which is ofc the real deal (Finra), but no apparent affiliation to this 'resurrected' Lehman's crew.

Domain big data is not worthy the reputable enterprise: link, ping-ponging the domain btw USA, Germany, Panama, to some Dallas TX guy William Wride of www.wridegroup.com (the group website says only 'investors in disruptive technology' and redirects to Twitter https://twitter.com/supremegolf, sale of golf accessories). Hosted IP is with very bad reputation, malware etc: https://ip-46.com/

This Lehman (apparent) clone says nothing about is client's, although they claim the have many, many of those...funds, banks, HNWIs and Ultra HNWIs, you name it.

Inv. products and strategies are copy-paste alike general info, anyone can find on Google, https://www.shearsonlehmanbrothers.com/index.php/strategies

Contact us page https://www.shearsonlehmanbrothers.com/index.php/contact-us-new and one sees Regus virtual office addresses; one of them is in the USA allegedly. In the meantime, per T&C, the explicitly state they don't accept US clients under no circumstances. Weird. Also, state they are incorporated in St Kitts & Nevis offshore Ok, let's check: https://www.fsrc.kn/ Nope, nothing... Maybe here: https://www.nevisfsrc.com/ Nope, nothing.


Btw, this is absolutely hilarious:


So, who is behind it? Who are the New Lehman Brothers (and sisters apparently)?

Asma Shahid: https://www.linkedin.com/in/asma-shahid-796463134/

Bryan Silvano: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryan-silvano-7594261b3/

Apparently Miss or Mrs Asma Shahid got angry b/c of the initial Linkedin post and reacted:

So, we add Mr Osman Qureishi, US based apparently:

Apparently worked here: http://america2030.net/ ok, they do exist and are registered. But also some not so nice reputation: link

Also, Asma is interesting because of:


So a google marketer suddenly becomes an exec in resurrected Lehmans? Congrats, lady.


apparently dreammerchants.tv served a lot of famous clients:



This all has enough elements for a scam setup. Again, WE DO NOT CLAIM it. But it certainly does not look good. Misrepresentation at least and business name abuse, probably for a start.

So, a not to the community - consider your selves warned.
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This is a very nice example on how things work in scammers world.

This bogus investment website https://www.shearsonlehmanbrothers.com/ from last year is now defunct, not accessible.
The people around it, whose LinkedIn profiles you can see in above 2020 thread, now look like this:




not a single word of previous 'engagement' that looked like this:



And no consequences of what so ever... Maybe LinkedIn could introduce some safety procedures, not to end up like Trustpilot where scammer can do what they desire...